Thursday, August 21, 2008

say what???????????

Hi Dana, this is town hall, your permits are all set, you can pick them up this afternoon. Say what???
Mackie is stunned and his face stuck like that with one lip up.
YES, I GOT THE PERMITS!!!!!!!!!!!! And, how about this for luck, the excavator is coming tomorrow morning with "the big machine". Photos to come. NO WAY, I GOT THE PERMITS!!!!!
What's funny is that after you see tomorrow morning's post with all the fencing supplies, the permits seem like no big deal. This is huge, mackie is still baffled by how I can get permits that fast. We all saw the photos of the dining room table. A W E S O M E.

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The Southport Globe said...

Mackie is saying, like, "Whatchoo tawkin about williss"
Say whuh??