Thursday, November 20, 2008

what the???

SO, what the heck is up?

No posts lately.

Somethings wrong with my www link and you have to go directly to the blogspot address?

Well, I've been busy. And, distracted.

The animals are great. OK, that's the short version of that topic.

Leaf clean up (some)

It got really cold. 20s at night at LOW 30s during the day.

Work has picked up (yes, I work, sometimes).

We're looking for a 3rd boarder to join our paradise. We can't let me get bored! Let's add to the mix! And, I did not even mention the dogs that might come live with us in addition to Mackie. Oh, I just did mention it, whatever...

And, I found a new forum. It is awesome, and so funny that I got an asthma attack from laughing so hard at a thread about stupid things you have done around the farm. They are all horse people of different disciplines across the world. Common denominators of self inflicted pain from farm work were: tractor, ice and electric fencing. It's the Chronicle of the Horse Forum. I'd link to it, but I know you won't go there. They have mostly serious topics, but it's a great resource, and at times very entertaining.

Oh, yep, it's cold here, speaking of ice. Did you know that picking frozen manure out of the field is SO much easier because it all clumps together so you don't have to chase down individual nuggets!? There is an advantage to 20 degrees!!

The barn is keeping the gang happy at night though. No frozen buckets inside, not even a sheen of ice, and happy sleeping horses.

Farm life rocks.

Barn in the cold:

Java's eating:

Creme with his best angelic look wondering what the heck I'm doing (taking his picture of course).

Friday, November 14, 2008


Foggy, all day. Quiet and nice. Creme was out with Java in the photo but hiding under a tree, they were both in weird moods, I'm sure that I'll find out why soon. They seem to give me about a one day notice before some disruptive behavioral issue is revealed, usually it is Java acting neurotic. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Uh, what's HE doing in here? Whatever, I'm cool with sharing. Creme, not so much. Creme took one step toward Mackie and Mackie ran out of there very quickly. Creme and Mackie have this debate of who is the top male here? Well, it's Mr. Java's Mom, but when it comes to the animals, it's Creme: he's bigger. Mackie loves the horses and likes to see what they are up to every once in a while. Supervising maybe.

Monday, November 10, 2008

mackie is wackie

Mackie is such a lab. Slobbery at times, loves to swim, and will sniff a glove out of nowhere and make it look like the most fun discovery of the day. Oh, maybe it is the most fun discovery of the day, now that manure has lost it's attraction, thank god. There is video of Mackie rolling, oh and snorting, like a pig.

And Java? What's she up to? She may be chilling out and becoming a horse again (instead of being a stressed worrisome beast, like me). And, she and Creme had a blast yesterday goofing off in the paddock blowing off steam. Bucking, running and rolling. The photo from inside the barn is at breakfast time this morning, fueling up for more fun.

Friday, November 7, 2008

brown is the new green

Most of the leaves are down now. Everything seems brown, but it's still pretty. I've decided to write more about the animals. But not yet. This is still about brown leaves. These photos are from my walk with Mackie this morning out back.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

another secret?

Should I tell you all another secret? I don't think so--- Only 3 responses so far (hello, the survey about whether I should disclose another secret to the right of the page?) My mother was underwhelmed with the Java's lame secret anyway. Apparently you all like more gruesome stuff, like the baby grave and threatening contractors to finish stuff.

The gutters are on. The electrician came. Work appointment went well.

Rode lame Java today. She was getting antsy and wanted to know if she still was useful here on the farm, so we went for a little walk. She was perfect. :) Her right ear has a little dirt that I see I have to get to though. She's staring at a jump I made. She's too lame to jump it now, but later for sure.

I'll dish a little controversy tomorrow. SO, all 3 of you who read this, be sure to check back for more good stuff tomorrow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Secret

OK, a little secret: Java's lame. The day we took that honkin' long trail ride where she had to get us home because I got lost... later that day I think she stepped on a rock here at home. She was eagerly greeting me as I was walking out of the house to her, and she trotted along the fence line (looking at me, not where she was going), and there was a rock just above the surface. I had not carefully inspected that fence line yet, and she took a bad step. I think it's a heel bruise, which might be turning into an abscess. She's still bright eyed and happy, but with a little limp going to the left. I bring her in to rest mid day. But it's kind of funny in a non ha way. I obsess over the barn. I whip the carpenter to finish it. I bring Java home and now she's lame. Actually that may be a ha funny thing. Oh, and if I feel like it, I'll tell you another secret tomorrow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

just text

No photo today. Kept forgetting to put camera into pocket. Believe me, it was gorgeous today, glowing golden leaves, crisp bright blue sky...
In the moment, I'm just thinking about the gutter installation tomorrow 8am. Electrician 8am. 12:00 appointment. I wonder if it's OK if I wear my muck out gear (no)? My mom visited today and brought some ultra fabulous Chanel moisturizer - that is So needed. Good thing there were no photos today: dirty hair, imperfect complexion, grungy. It was great. :)