Thursday, April 7, 2011

And it's not 9:00 am yet

Java fed, out, mucked, etc.
Then I'm waddling around, taking photos of the brown early spring.

I look around at the brown, knowing it will be green very soon and I take these photos...

Then Bandy and I walk around some more, and Mackie catches a whiff of something and dives into the top paddock to explore and investigate.

Bandy, as usual is at my side and I take these photos... but Bandy is saying something to me, I just don't know it yet:
 Bandy is saying something like:  Um, HELLO, Mackie is quite interested in something right now in the top paddock.  Why are you looking at me, go stop him before he does something stupid!

 You're not listening are you?

I carry on, what a nice morning, la la la la la, lets go to the house and get biscuits!

And Mackie bursts out of the top paddock, very proud of something...

Oh, neat, it's a branch that looks just like a horn?!
No, that IS a horn.
I don't have livestock, neither do my close neighbors.
But now I have a horn. 
 It's shedding or something.
Lucky me, I have an awesome sense of smell being pregnant, and I can verify that thing used to be attached to an animal.

Mackie was very proud of his find and let me take it from him before he went into the house.