Thursday, October 28, 2010

for the one time in my life, I wish it was skunk poop... but it's not

This poor little dog. 
She loves farm life. 
But it does not love her coat.

I took my beloved canine beasties for a quick walk before hoping to fit in a ride with Java.  We went all the way to the pond (the pregnant lady needs to stay active if I want to fit into my breeches next summer), and I'm watching Mackie and Bandy having their usual fun.

As Bandy is running back towards me, I see stuff on her.  I'm thinking, whoa, that's a lot of wildlife animal feces you just rolled in, I'll get the bath ready... but realize, I WISH it was skunk poop... it's BURRS!

Wahhhhhhhhhhh.  Bye bye ride, hello scissors:

The photos don't quite show the severity of this disaster.  Her undercoat is matted, no hope to brush this stuff out.  Poor little girl is sporting a funky haircut for now... I'll make her look less mangy tomorrow.  I'm exhausted now!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ok ok ok, I'll finally update!

Ok Ok Ok, sorry for not updating.  I've been very preoccupied:

  • Meeting prospective boarders.
  • Tending to the gang.
  • Trying to kill the rat that I have found living in the overhang of the barn.
  • Getting more hay.
  • Procrastinating cleaning the house.
  • Looking at the gorgeous tress glowing with orange, yellow and red against the pretty green grass and blue sky and trying to get one decent photo of it.
  • And being pregnant.  Not Java, me.
yep, I'm in foal.  No, we don't know what it is, or if we will find out before the big day.  Yes, I'm excited and trying to not freak out about how I'm going to muck and do horse chores as I get big-er.  Baby is not due until late April... plenty of time to let this all play out.  Yeah, that's it.  Mr. Java's Mom is really excited.  The animals have been perfect angels and that's about all.

I have been talking about breeding Java for a while.  She will be glad that I am putting myself through this first.  It will make me think long and hard about putting her through this.  It is odd, exciting, but odd, and usually funny.  I might have to start another blog about it.