Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The plans are here!

They're here! The barn plans. I ran out of work tore open the envelope, and they are a little wrong, but good enough. I scurried to town hall and filed for the permit! Finally. Would you believe the "wet" guy did not fax town hall with the green light? Of course I called and left a friendly reminder, but come on!!!!
Excavators, start your engines, we're going to dig soon! (oh, you ask the logical question, why do you need to dig for a barn??--- because fancy barns have foundations, and up here in the hinterland it gets cold, so the foundation has to go 42 inches below, it's a frost wall or something). I figure it will be that much more cozy for Java. And, no, that is not our lot our mailbox is in. That's across the street, but that probably is poison ivy growing up the post. No, we're not going to mow the lot across the street with the John Deere 2305. Think of it as bucolic.

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The Southport Globe said...

Holy shoot! the mailbox shot is hysterical!