Monday, November 30, 2009

still no camera.

still cannot find the camera.  I will either find it soon, or get a new one.. ouch.

Sorry honey!  Yes, I lost your camera.  I liked your camera A LOT.

We split the sacrafice paddock into two.  Covered my Carhartt gear in concrete dust to concrete in the corner and brace posts, and Mr. Java's Mom's boots in concrete dust, but it's done.  Mr. Java's Mom did 99% of the work, and it looks great.  Thank you.

Does Java like it?  NO.  She has spent the last two days out there, and she is protesting.  Lobs is like "hey, cool, this is nice, and Java is next to me now".  Java is like: "what is this bullshit, put me back in my paddock by the barn".

Stretch arrives Sunday.  Then Stretch will go in one sacrafice paddock and Lobs will go in the other, and Java will go back in to her paddock.  We're riding lately, she feels terrific, and is very happy, aside from the whole protest-the-sacrafice-paddock stuff.

I'll find the camera, I promise!!! 

And, the concrete dust came out of the Carhartt gear, good stuff.  Those gloves held up well during the process and washed well too.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't find the camera

Thank you all so much for your input for sacrafice paddock size.  All of your input has been very helpful.

We are still working on a decision, and considering some other options.  So far, so good.

And, I have not posted lately because I cannot find the camera.  Fascinating.  I'm really sorry because it's been beautiful lately, sunny, gorgeous.
I'll keep looking for the camera.  I'm fine, I read your blogs, and figure I'll find the camera... soon!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

sacrifice paddock size

OK my blog buddies.  I could use a little help.

As you know this place is a work in progess, and the latest is getting the grass paddocks established to hold upto hooves and grazing.  The top paddock (the largest paddock) has been re-seeded, is doing great with grass growing, but is off limits until late spring.  The lower paddock (the nice grassy one down hill from the barn) has nice grass, but horses with shoes are too tough on it right now and we need to baby that paddock a little.  And, Java's paddock, it's nibbled down to the nub and is barely hanging on, but Java loves it there, so I have let this happen.  Then, there is the newest paddock, the one Lobster has been in, it has no grass.  It is our sacrafice paddock.  It is very pleasant though, sun, shade, room to run, and the barn and other paddocks can be seen from that spot.

This is the issue:
We want 3 sacrafice paddocks.  (3 stall barn, 3rd horse arriving later this month).

Do we split the existing sacrafice paddock into 3.  Each horse would have it's own sacrafice paddock of 44x73.  (3,212 square ft of sacrafice space each horse).


Do we split the existing sacrafice paddock into two and clear more trees and auger more fence post holes (you get the picture) and make a third sacrafice paddock.  (4,818 square ft of sacrafice space each horse ).

The ring will be fenced in soon(?) and that would be a larger space that can be rotated into the mix if one of the horses would like to stretch out a little more.  That is like 125x150, plenty big to get a little more exercise.

I'm reading everwhere and the recommended sizes for sacrafice paddocks is small, 400 to 1,200 square feet.  This sounds too small to me.  If we took the existing sacrafice paddock and split it into 3, each horse would have 3,212 square feet.  If we split it into two, each horse would have 4,818 square feet.

Your thoughts on what you think is best for the horses?  I'm really stuck on giving each horse as much space as possible.  And, I want their joints to not get too wrenched if they have to screech to a halt too often if they feel like playing.  OR, Im crazy because for example, Java is standing still taking a nap in the sun, and would be fine in a 1,000 square ft. paddock right now and 3,000 would be plenty, especially if she gets to be with her buddies.  When weather permits, grass permits, conditions permit, the horses will be on grass.  Like great grass.  This is our transition period to get to that point, and if we want it to happen we have to work in some rotation.  Oh, and we are adding a 4th grass paddock to the mix for good measure.  That grass is growing establising and we just have to fence it in.

Ugh, please, your thoughts.  You guys can help, and I would really appreciate it.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Below are pictures of the sacrafice paddock that will be either split into two... or three...

Bandy says:  "Thank you all very much for your help.  I cannot make ALL the decisions around here".

Thursday, November 5, 2009

familiar sights:

The norm.  And, where is the sun!?  I swear it is not this dismal in CT.

Mackie rolling with toy in mouth, Java coming in for a close look, Bandy happy trying to destroy a dog bone and my half-eaten-by-a-chipmunk-kale in the pot on the wall:

Mackie up and shaking.  Java bored already, and Bandy still happily knawing away:

Here's a litte morning sun:

Yep, she loves bones:

This is a familiar sight:

Is it groundhog day?

Same old... BUT I changed out the Kale for a mini blue green bush in the pot for our winter interest:

Lobster looking bored.  But I know he's happy.  And he is a very good boy.


Lobs watching Mackie now:

The third horse arrives later this month.  This works out well with Java and Lobster settled in, and the third horse, Stretch, can join in on the relaxation spa.  The horses have been great.  The dogs have been great.
Things are well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm not quite sure what it is about Mackie and cars...

Had to take my car in again, no major issues.
This is the loaner car, and I'm unloading groceries...

Bandy: "Uh mom, you need to come see this"

He's probably thinking, yep, this works for me. 
Please remove the rest of the groceries so that I can really get comfortable.

And, I'm not getting out for a long time.

I'm still not getting out.

Bandy:  "see what I've got to work with here"

Mackie was very proud, and stubborn about his new spot.
Alas, it goes back today and I'll return with the wagon.