Sunday, August 24, 2008

The John Deere fruit snacks are on order for us...

Our house guest for the weekend, and our new friend Caterpillar. We love Caterpillar.

The operator was so nice to stay late the other day that I gave him some John Deere fruit snacks. His reaction was enthusiastic enough to remind me to go to the store and get more. Well, they are still sold out. The store has ordered more. As I put my order in to qualify for the rain check for the awesome sale price, the customer service clerk reassured me that I did not have to commit to an entire case, that they certainly would not go to waste around here! Thursday they will be in. I'll be sure to share with all diggers and builders. Today is all about fence posts. You will see a nice fence post photo later today.

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Dog_geek said...

John Deere Fruit Snacks? Really? It is amazing how much weird John Deere stuff there is out there. We had a John Deere theme party for our little nephew this past Spring, with John Deere balloons, plates, napkins, party favors - everything John Deere (if we had known that John Deere had fruit snacks, we definitely would have gotten those, too!) And then we took the kids for a hayride with our John Deere tractor, and they all screamed the whole time, like they were on a roller coaster.