Monday, February 14, 2011

time flies

Time flies when you are reduced to a waddle through 3 feet of snow.

I has been forever since I've posted.  Sorry.  Sincerely.

Yes, by now we all know it's been a wild winter for a lot of us.  We got a lot of snow, then a lot of snow on top of that snow, and a lot more snow on top of that snow.  We are finally experiencing some melting... not beautiful warm breezes and little trickles of water as the snow receding and birds chirping... but the snow is now only about 18 inches deep.

I took a lot of photos, and they just don't show the depth.  But we personally were spared any tragedy, emergencies or major inconvenience.  Mr. Java's Mom spent days and days and days plowing, shoveling, and clearing the roof with each additional snowfall, and he did a great job.  That made all the difference in dealing with the snow. 

Snow photos:

This must be after the first big snow, because aside from this one day, we have not been able to get out to this particular paddock until yesterday. 

we got more snow since this photo, but the snow was very pretty, and kept everything so quiet as it absorbed the sound (the only sound being the neighbor's dog...barking... all the time... at nothing...)

This lucky bush experienced enough thaw to be exposed to the real world again.  Then we got a really neat and beautiful frost.  Not a bad icy kind, like a covering of frost on everything.

We got rain on top of the snow, and very cold temps.  As time went on, the snow got denser, and finally Bandy and Mackie could walk on top of it without falling through to their necks.  Bandy took this opportunity to perch herself on top of a snow covered stone wall as we waited for Mackie to finish sniffing around during a recent walk.  The only drawback of this, is now we can hear the neighbors dog loud and clear without the fluffy snow.


Le Tundra.

phase 1 or 2 of snow, but not phase 3 yet, because you could not see the bushes at all a couple of days later.

Mackie tried to romp through, and got totally stuck.  He ended up resting his head on the snow and closed his eyes to take a nap!  We got him out, no labbies were harmed in this fun.  Bandy tried too, and inhaled snow, she's shorter than Mackie.

mountains of snow everywhere...

One particular storm was a little windy.

Java does not mind, actually all the horses have been great about it all.  They have been only able to go out to the small pens, but they have not missed a day of turnout.

 Little Shorty (new guy since Sugar left for Mississippi to join his owner) is in pretty deep.

There is a pile of snow out a door in our kitchen (not pictured).  Mr. Java's Mom and I were to bet if it would melt by the time the baby is born.  No bets, since we both think there will be snow there when our son is born (due date April 23).  At least the snow is pretty! This has been an anything but drab winter.  A little cumbersome, and a lot of work for Mr. Java's Mom, but we're all safe.  :)