Monday, September 27, 2010

load of hay

My regular upstate New York hay guys don't deliver to me anymore.
It only took me for what seemed like forever to find the best hay with a great farmer to work with, luckily not too far away.

I told Mr. Java's Mom I was going to get some hay.

Mr. Hay Farmer loads my truck for me in about 5 seconds, and sends me on my way.

It was hysterical because this hay is not tied down.  This guy can magically stack hay.
Yes, I could not see a thing.
No, I will not take 50 (FIFTY) in the back of the pick up again, too hazardous to other poor motorists if it happened to be a windy day.  Luckily it was only a little breezy.

I had to pull over right after leaving the farmers field for this photo, I was in awe and shocked that he just tossed 50 bales on and advised that I drive slow and hope for no strong cross winds on a particular bridge that I had to cross.

Home safely.  It's about a 35 minute drive, windy narrow roads.  This is CT.  It's not common to see this arrangement on the road.  The other motorists, and the occasional pedestrian were terrified.

Mr. Java's Mom got home from work and almost fell over.  I was laughing so hard trying to tell him I somehow got home with that load of 50 bales, not tied down.

After he unloaded the batch with Mackie's supervision, we had another good laugh.

I still have to get more hay, but I'll be more sensible next time.  :)
Oh, and Mr. Hay Farmer called because he wanted to make sure I got home OK and did not lose any bales, and when I'll be back for more (I'll be back soon).

Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi All,
Sorry to be MIA.

We lost poor Stretch.

Whatever was nagging at him inside was bigger and badder than any antibiotic, hug, love, or vet team on the planet.  His owner made the horribly difficult decision to let him go peacefully and comfortably.

He was one tough horse and he tried so hard to beat his condition. 

He was also one very very gorgeous horse.  What a pretty boy.  Java and Sugar somehow understood that Stretch was sick and they are doing fine.  Stretch's owner is still understandably devastated.

We love you Mr. Stretch:

Now that I've dropped that bomb of news you on, I'll be back to regular updates.