Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm not the only one...they make John Deere fruit snacks!

Good news, I'm not the only one that likes their John Deere stuff. Yes, someone out there knows their market! I went to the store after work, and some gravitational pull brought me to the snack aisle. And there they were. No kidding!!! John Deere fruit snacks. OK, I love fruit snacks (whatever, I'm OK with your opinion about this), and tractor fruit snacks!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought 3 boxes. Already ate two packages (ahem, not the boxes, the packets inside the boxes, 2 of those).


The Southport Globe said...

oh my gosh, JD fruit snacks....I like the oily jelly diesel gears the best..

The Southport Globe said...

I think they should make Mackie licorice jellies..OR make some kind of black fudge thing called Mackies..

Dark said...

Never saw this at the store I goes to in deep river