Thursday, August 28, 2008

photo coming soon

No photo, just lots going on:
Moved Java, successfully
Java freaking out, thoroughly
Concrete poured - twice
Foundation poured - wow
lumber arrives Friday - hope we have room
back filling (excavator speak) - Friday
rode Java to the house to see what she thought - absolute insanity. she could not decide between eating grass and freaking out.
And, ALL the line posts for the top fence are auger-ed.
After work I'll set the posts with Jeremy who hopefully will not have more poison ivy. I spent $60 (what!!!) at Walgreen's for scrubs, etc to spare him the torture of poison ivy since he just about looks at it and gets it. And, the top field is like a poison ivy treasure trove.
Photos tomorrow... I promise. Heaps O' Photos.

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