Monday, August 18, 2008

Bocce Bye Bye

This property used to host weekly regional bocce games. No kidding - about 30 cars would appear at the house, including the lawn, some driving all the way to the back to gather and play. It apparently was an organized group, all men, with dues and all. Well, we bought this place, and Java is a girl and would not have been allowed into their club. And, we don't play Bocce, or at least not enough to justify that much space and land-trashing-with-cars-driving-over-the-lawn to happily host that group. SO, we promptly ripped up a very nice bocce court. Beautifully installed and really hard to rip out. Our friend Tom insisted he wanted the ties to install a bocce court at his house. We seriously thought of 20 other things to do with these beams/wood, but held back on other things and fended off our own desires and other's ideas to keep them for Tom. Here they are, stacked all neatly, ready to go. And, well, they're still here. I hope he comes soon. Actually, he has no choice, he's getting a bocce court, nothing says 'happy Labor Day to you' like the timbers for a pre-cut bocce court.

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