Monday, August 18, 2008

Fed Ex and Alabama update

Confusing, odd and funny: Around 8:00 Saturday night I hear a truck actually put-putting (making that noise) down the street. I kid you not, I knew it had to be the rest of our fencing stuff from Alabama. I jump up from the dining room table, run to the door, turn on the outside lights and an attractive young woman walks this box to us. Her hair is all gussied up, make up on, tan like she's been on vacation for a year. As she hands us the box, she says, "it's not mine"... how odd is that!? We hoped she did not mean the box, and figured she meant the really loud truck barely idling. We were like: well the truck does say fed ex on it, and you are in a fed ex uniform. She said, it's fed ex's, not mine. Didn't know anyone else owned fed ex trucks but fed ex. It was like a special random order from the putt putt truck from 'Bama. The box even had a sticker the nice fencing folks put on it that said thank you for your order.

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