Friday, August 8, 2008


8-8-08 was good to me. wetlands is coming out on Monday to make us dig a hole in our nice grassy pasture to see if it is "wet" (remember he is from the wetlands department. Wet, probably not, rocky, yes. I'm thinking it will be a nice decisive meeting. And, more importantly, a good way to showcase the John Deere 2305 and it's handy backhoe attachment in action. More fees of course accompany this exercise, and as long at this wetlands process goes fast, I'm cool with it. And, it just brings me one step closer to Java's Barn!!! But, if she were to meet the wetlands guy, she would be pretty upfront with him and say "hey, look, I'm having to live on property separate from here in a boarding farm. I'm out at night and in case you haven't noticed because you are cozy and safe in your house, but I'm outside, in the lightning and thunder in the dark!! I'm a horse, not a bat, therefore not nocturnal. So the faster this barn is up, the faster i will be happy. So hurry up and approve this gig." Then she would sneeze, acting like it snuck up on her, and blow bits of dirt snot on his shirt, yes she has done this to me. Sometimes it is no mistake. She's the best.

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