Friday, August 8, 2008

paper in the form of fees and applications...

So, begging round 2 worked well yesterday. Everyone has been nice. The health department called me the same day I dropped off the plans, and zoning did too. I'm finding that encouraging. Turns out that I have to wait for the real plans to come in before filing. I had been advised (regretfully, but a builder that did NOT get the job) to hire a draftsman to draw my barn and use those plans to get the permits. That was a crock, and expensive, grrrr. But I happily handed two copies over to wetlands and the health department as an extra good gesture to get going. They thought the plans were too nice for them to keep, and I insisted, because I don't want to be reminded of the rip off show that was to get those plans done up. My "real" plans come from my builder (the one who got the job) on Tuesday. No time lost, zoning and health, and wetlands need to all hug, sign off, and collect a few more fees before the building department will take my application anyway. Heck, as long as everyone is nice, that's good. Oh, and I'm being extra extra extra nice. We'll finally hire an excavator by tomorrow morning, and that will seal the deal. Yes, I have called CBYD (call before you dig), and we will be diggin' soon! I would write something funny at this part, but I can't think of anything, I'm too anxious. The photo is of the last clean set of plans I have, drawn by a designer who draws houses, this is drawn a little more like a house than a barn. Excavators and the "other" builder folded their copies up into jigsaw puzzles and scribbled on them (I pretended to not care, hoping that their quotes would be so reasonable that it would not matter, but the ones that folded and scribbled were the most expensive and took the most time to get their prices to me). The folded up copies are out of my life now. The "other" plans will come next week. I have this one pretty copy left. I like this one.
This photo is the front of the barn, and no, Java is not expected to open a double hung window with her hooves, there will be windows that open on hinges that the horses can put their heads out and enjoy their home. And, the ceiling is nice and high so she does not hit her head... she likes to "carry" her head extra high-- It's a princess thing.

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The Southport Globe said...

Very posh design..the cupola is nice, and thinking a weathervane of somekind is going to be necessary. The front door hardware is very exclusive..and the vertical clapboard is the only way to go. Good job, dawgs!