Monday, December 29, 2008

all is well

The usual here with the only real change being candy cane treats during rides: grain, hay, rolling, running, riding, grain and more hay then we all sleep. Mr. Java's Mom is building our very own feed bin.

We went to the local spot for our lumber:

And, he started:

Java was near by to supervise. Actually, she would not settle in the big pasture with Creme this afternoon (morning was fine), and I brought her to her smaller paddock to unwind, which after a little grazing, started a marathon nap. Then a nice long trail ride with Creme and neighbor horses and we had a great time. More hay and then sleep... as usual.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

To: My Java's Barn Blog family and fans,
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I think she's happy

I think Java is happy. But lately, it's all "I'm bored" in the pictures. She went from being high maintenance, to almost no maintenance: "I want in, I want out, I want THAT hay, not THAT hay, and more water and this and that and a blah blah" to the new Java: "WHATEVER". I love the whatever version. One reason for her expression in these photos could be the blanket... she does not really like clothing. She has not had to wear a blanket since the rain we got on Sunday, she's a little happier looking, definetly extra fuzzy, but still very whatever. That's cool with me.

Here are photos this week of Java putting on here best "whatever" expressions. I think she's happy, right? Here are some examples (no she is not part Donkey or Mule, not that we have anything against donkeys or mules, but it's winter, she's not exactly show-ready lately).

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a good dose of snow

Like a lot of other areas, we got a good dose of snow. It's a nice light snow, and the horses were eager like kids to get out and play. Both rolled in the snow several times, and then went back to just another normal day, eating hay.

Since this is my first winter with a barn at home, I was worried. Some people like to talk about how hard it is, wah wah, and I LOVE IT. Yes, there are only 2 horses here right now, and some people have tons of horses, but hey, if you only have 2, eventually 3, this is awesome. Java and Creme think it's pretty awesome too, they are about the happiest horses I've ever seen. If I can get the camera battery to last more than 8 seconds, I'll take some more pics.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy java

Java must be finally settling in, because she is staying out longer and longer. Today it's cold and rainy, and I have offered 3 times to bring her in. She politely says hi, and does not want to come in. Nice.

Creme can be seen far in the background nosing around. He always likes to stay out, the more rolling in the mud the better, he is serious about full dirt coverage.

This is video of a typical Java interaction and expression.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lot next door update

SO, the lot next door: the new owner sounds like a good person. I'm pretty bad at reading people, but so far, so good. He has two guys starting on the lot, one with a chainsaw, the other... I don't know what he does, but they are very considerate of the horses and really nice, good people. No, they don't read this blog. They started cutting small trees today, and it's not too bad. Java and Creme could care less. And I like to think that I have lucked out and gotten a great new neighbor (when he builds and moves in) someday. I'll be a good neighbor to him and this may just all work out. I forgive the rotten stupid woman who did not sell me the lot, because at least she sold the lot to a good person. Yes, I still want to swear and call her names, but it would have been SO inconvenient to figure out how to pay for the lot right now anyway.

Here is video (yes, mom, video, click on it to watch, he he) of Java about to go out this morning. The chainsaw had just started. She's listening, then looking at me like "uh, mom, that's a chainsaw, thank goodness, it was getting boring around here. I'm ready, let's go out". Creme of course is getting impatient and whinnies to hurry us along. He's enthusiastic about food and turnout. Since he already ate, it's turnout time, and he's not one to wait. These guys don't seem to be bothered at all by the noise, neither am I. I'm glad this is working out. Mr Java's mom, not so much. I'll have Mackie talk with him.


As most of you are experiencing, the weather is wacky lately, this morning included. Currently frozen pellets, mixed with snow and rain. Not too bad actually. Java is looking outside, fascinated by the different sound of crunchy rain falling. I have her grain with me at the time of the picture, and she is in no hurry. She usually takes her time with breakfast. Creme meanwhile is wolfing down his grain as fast as he can, he's an enthusiastic guy.
And an update on the lot next door: yes, the woman who sold the lot is dumb and worse, rude. The buyer/builder seems to be a decent person. Not decent enough to sell the lot to us (yet, I'm an optimist). He says that he's going to put a total of one house on the lot for himself, and maybe an outbuilding out back (he does not have animals). He apparently has wanted that lot for years and loves it. The builder does not seem to be in a hurry, so I'll be thinking of solutions that benefit us and the animals. To be continued... nothing is going on there yet.

Friday, December 12, 2008

moving on

OK, so the scenery here will change a little now that the neighbor sold the lot next door. And, yes, I tried to buy it, offered to buy it, etc. I'm no softy, I marched right over as they were staking the lot out and laid it out that I wanted that land more, blah, etc, called our attorney, checked our aerial photographs of his house to see what kind of stuff he builds, etc, on and on.

Let's move on with the following good thoughts (hopefully these will become true): one house, builder will move in and be a wonderful neighbor. Oh, and have a John Deere tractor. And, love horses. And, get whatever he's going to build built really fast so I don't have to listen to land clearing and construction noise forever. The snow is melted now, but it's a pretty picture for this post. The lot I'm referring to is behind the barn. All that woods out back is the lot, and it continues along the top paddock. There's plenty of acreage, so aside from some major clearing that they may do, hopefully it will all be OK.


It's going to be OK.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


If you find swearing too harsh, offensive or upsetting, please DON'T read this post:

I called the woman who owns the lot next door, LAST YEAR, and she solidly stated that she would not sell the lot next door, nope, no way.

Guess what.
She sold it.
She sold it to a BUILDER.

Monday, December 8, 2008

trail-ride-in-the-snow pictures

The ride yesterday was fun, although the snow really picked up with some wind. By the time we came home, it was snowing pretty hard. Still fun.

Java looking at me wondering, are we really riding in the woods in the snow? And why are you taking pictures?

Walking along... it's so quiet with snow on the ground. The line on the trail in front of us was a dirt bike that came through hours before us (I saw him leave before heading out).

Video (mom, video, you have to click on it to watch it):

Then, Java back in the barn watching the snow coming down:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

more snow pictures...

I took off Javas sheet to see if she wanted to roll in the snow... no go. I'll put it back on her soon if she looks cold. She seems to be happy with nothing on. It will warm up later today and I'm sure Creme will want to get in a bunch of blanket-free rolls, he'd like that.


We got just enough snow to cover the ground, it's a nice fluffy snow. We are definitely going for a ride this morning. It's going to get windy and yucky this afternoon, so I'll make the most of this morning. They are having breakfast right now. I opened their windows first thing and you could see the surprise in their expressions that outside looked different. I have a feeling that they are going to love rolling today!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Java's barn is solar. It is not a crazy as it sounds, and is not as expensive as you think. And, it's not as expensive as the solar experts make it sound. The solar experts were scary. So we stopped talking to them and figured it out on our own. OK, I did not figure out much, but the electrician did.

Solar panel on roof:

"nightlight" solar panel above one window:

Nightlight: I turn this on when I do night check so I don't have to go full blazes with the lights to top off water and drop more hay, Java needs her beauty sleep. And, just in case something happens with the system, I still have a light.

Example of a light in the barn with reflector to make the light go where we want it, and tubes to go around the tubes so I don't break a bulb while trying to do something, or in case Java raises her head that high. We have two lights in the loft, one in the tack area, one in the overhang, and two in the aisle for grooming. Plenty, and there are three switch options, tack & aisle, loft, overhang. All at the same time too, of course, but I don't push my luck and run them all at once frequently.

Power pack:


You want motion sensor lights... no problem they, make these solar too: Light under gutter and panel sticking off the roof on the left side. They come even smaller too, this is the largest one we have, and it seems to work exactly the same as the smaller ones (these are LED lights).

Why? Well, I did not really want to have a trench dug, and deal with an electric bill. Mr. Java's mom figured it all out. The solar panel charges the battery pack, which if we need to can tote it to the house and charge it of electricity off the house if we have a 4 day solar eclipse someday. The battery pack has outlets. The outlets feed the wires that are connected to the lights, water pump and outlets. I walk in, hit a switch, just like normal. I'm conservative with energy anyway so don't use much, but no worries so far. We hired a regular electrician who knew nothing about solar. Tacked the panel up on the roof, the electrician read the manual for the panel and the power pack, and wired us for code. Bright lights, me likey. I'm not a patchouli wearing hippie, and definitely don't have peace sign stickers on my car (yes, there is a John Deer sticker on it though), I just didn't want to deal with something complicated.

Small building, but 6 lights, water pump, switches at both doors, and in the tack area. Nightlight powers itself, we have one and several motion sensor lights.

whatcha doing?

I'm running around the property (in my muck gear), yelling, and Java comes over to investigate.

Hi mom, what are you doing?

Yelling at the new dog.


Because she ate something (I'm imagining something like dead possum head)...

Ew, that's gross. Aren't you glad I don't eat bad stuff.

Yes Java, you're fabulous, and so pretty.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

hors d'oeuvre

This was a couple of days ago: Java having a little grass hors d'oeuvre before dinner. She spent a decent amount of time napping in her stall that day and I thought I would toss her out to have a little grass before evening grain time. When it was time to bring her in, this sunset was just forming. Bummer the battery in the camera died, but this gives you the idea. And, yes, life is that good here, for all of us. Granted true winter is not here yet, freezing toes and fingers, and spring mud, but so far this is pretty good stuff.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Creme is the master of getting dirty. His rolling repertoire is to roll, both sides, then stay down on the ground and rub both sides of his head too. He has a nice coat though, and by the time he comes in at the end of the day, some has dried up come off all by itself. They are both standing proud at the gate after goofing off in the paddock together playing around a little. Java is dirty too, but she rarely gets both sides. Creme rolls like he's doing a yoga routine. Java rolls like a big giant horse, and is less coordinated.

morning paddock time

Java and Creme: After grain and a little hay in their stalls, they go out. First thing in Creme's agenda is to decide which pile of hay is his (hint, it is whatever pile Java is eating from). Java barely seems to care as Creme swings his butt around time after time to threaten to kick her (I've seen many threats from Creme, but never seen him kick and aside from the one boo boo Java planted on Creme day 1, they have remained scratch free together). Of course if I catch him threatening, I give an appropriate "CREME!" growl. He acts shocked that I was watching and settles back down.

Then, before I know it, they are in a totally different part of the paddock eating something, tiny tiny bits of tiny grass?

Then they are completely separate.

Then... I see them back together near the gate. Creme eating, Java napping standing up - totally zonked out, I think she might have involuntarily laid down during it because as I'm mucking, next thing I know she is getting up off the ground, half asleep. oops.

Then the barn looks like this. Ah. Warm sunshine filling the clean aisle and stalls.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

back in action

We're back. Actually, I never left, neither did anyone else, but Thanksgiving is my excuse for being absent on the posting front. And I missed the 7MSN giveaway, and that stinks, so I'm never dropping off again.

SO, what did you miss here in the land o' Java?


Java: Doing the usual Java stuff plus more hair. She's getting good and fuzzy. By the way, she's still a little thin for my liking. I had her eating Nutrena, and think she got a little too lean from it, so she's on Legends and we love it. Already she looks better.

Mackie PLUS ONE. We got a new dog. It was almost 2 new dogs, but one of them wanted to run away, and this cute little thing decided we are awesome and is staying. The other one went back to his original home. Now we have Mackie (famous for rolling, snorting and slobbering) and Bandit (not my favorite name, but she actually comes when called so that's a plus) who is a Bearded Collie (with a haircut that I will let grow out) and is so far a total star. They look like quite the odd couple, but have become a total pair. We are all thrilled. Even Java likes her.

Creme: Happy as a clam, doing the usual eating, pooping and rolling. He's been very good.

The barn is still here.

Oh, and in addition to the new dog, we have another new addition: Mud.

Uh, Hello, I actually got comments, and have followers! COOL. In exchange for visiting my blog, and I am so thrilled you do, I will promise to post DAILY and sometimes more!! YESSSSSSS!