Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Life got derailed, total derailment - off kilter, etc... several times.

Here are the bullet points:
  • Barn help left unannounced, the month I was due with the baby, and left a trail of destruction and drama behind.  No joke.  More on that to later.
  • Had the baby.  Emergency c-section, Doctor saves lives, we all are OK.
  • Baby comes home and turns life upside down (they do not sleep as much as I thought they did!)
  • Mackie passed away.  We are devastated.  It was unexpected, I thought I had years before I had to say goodbye to him.
  • We got a puppy, another black lab, same breeder, she looks like a mini-Mackie, her name is Blair.  :)
  • Java tried to back out of the trailer with the butt bar UP.
  • We hire a dude named Bud to ship Java to a show in a stock trailer, I squeeze into my breeches, and we have a blast and get a ribbon.
This is life.  Now that you're all caught up, I can get back to posting regularly!

And, our baby is pretty cute if I may say so myself.  :)

The puppy, Blair:

Blair and Bandy get along great, and they run around like terrors and play a tremendous amount.
This is down at the pond, Bandy is partially wet, Blair is terrorizing her to try to get the bone from her mouth.

I miss you Mackie: