Monday, September 28, 2009


Java is OK!  Java was almost good as new Saturday, and all swelling has been gone for over 24 hours.  Of course every idea of what awful things could be wrong ran through my head, but before I could really freak myself out, she is 99% sound.  Yay Java.  See why I love her?  She fixed herself (with the help of the farrier, but pretty darn good).  I guess it was something to do with the white line area of that hoof (yes, i know my proper hoof terminology is lacking), pressure from that one spot the farrier saw, or a bruise.  Nothing burst that I saw (and I've been looking), and she got better within 24 hours with some hoof soreness at her heel, that it's hard to say what exactly it was.  When we go out next, I'll be riding with hoof boots on (Boa) her fronts for the next bunch of trail rides to be sure in case she is still ouchy.

Bandy approves.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

lameness update

I had the farrier out yesterday to take a look at Java's hoof.  He is not agressive at finding an abscess, but could give me an idea of where it was, etc.  Well, Java stepped out of her stall really lame in the morning, heat was near the back of her hoof.  I gave her 1 gram of bute at 8:00 am.  Java spent about 4 hours out, came into her stall to rest for a while and then I hand grazed her around the barn for about 20 minutes before the farrier got here at 3:00.  She dramatically improved as he pulled up the driveway.  We both laughed because she was three legged lame in the morning and looked decent with him watching her.  The hoof testers showed that she is tender on her outside heel of that hoof.. and a little on the other heel of the same hoof.  He sees a tiny spot where there might be something.  He barely dug at it, did a little trim (he and I don't want a bigger problem to deal with) and she showed some improvement. 

This may mean that it is not an abscess.  Maybe a bruise...  maybe a little abscess... maybe something else.  She has swelling up the back of her leg with some heat (that has me worried).  No digital pulse, this is not unusual for her.  The heat in her hoof is minor today, but if I look for heat today I find it in the outside wall of that hoof, and up her leg a little.

Today she is still pretty lame, but better than yesterday.  I'm going to wait and see.  I'll attempt to soak her today (NOT her favorite activity) and see if I can help things along.  But if it's an abscess I don't mind her being turned out and walking around as long as she feels OK, but of course I'm watching her every move.  No bute since yesterday morning.  I want to see what direction she goes in as long as she is comfortable enough without bute.  And, that will give me a good idea of how bad this (whatever it happens to be) is.  She is moving around less, but pretty comfortable overall.

The poor baby Java (slightly sarcastic) this morning:

Java giving me the "poor baby Java look".

We'll handgraze later, but put her in the other paddock for now with a flake of her favorite flavor of hay (had to excavate in the loft for this bale!) with her favorite one eared batman flymask. 

I'm wondering if this is a bad bruise... or a teeny tiny abscess...  Really, I would be fine with either.  I don't like LEG problems.  I took her temp to be sure (the poor baby java look got me worried), and it is normal.  One thing that I do know, she is very happy.  That's the best part.

This is how I think this happened:  Java was acting like a dink a couple of weeks ago and ran the fence line where it is sandy and hard.  MAYBE a piece of sand got in along the hoof wall that would probably not have happened if I had her trimmed on time.  Then we went for a few trail rides.  This may have worked a little piece of sand in... or we stepped on something on the trail that bruised her.  I'm thinking piece of sand.  I do think that if I had not put off her last trim there would have been less of an opportunity for that sand to get wedged in there... but we'll find out soon hopefully.  Oh, and for another bit of info since I know you are all wondering... I pick her hooves daily.  And when we ride, the are picked before and after riding.  I saw some separation along that wall and ignored it... bad mommy.  That won't happen again.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm well over the chocolate chip cookie guilt.  I got my hair cut and got the car washed, and that seemed to fix most of the guilt.  Yes, I'm being serious.

And, new this morning... Java has an abscess.  I knew something was brewing, and as you know, a hoof abscess is like BAM! lame.  Not that Java's letting an almost unbearable pain of pressure in her hoof get in the way of a good day.  She is out eating hay (she can angle herself on a little hill to make herself more comfortable) and got a little bute this morning.  The perfect girl... AGAIN.  I'll probably spare her the boredom of epsom salt soaking, we'll see what kind of relief I can get her today and proceed from there.  Based on the heat, it seems to be on the outside of her left front.  I'll keep you posted.  Hey, let's make this an INTERACTIVE post, please see the survey on the right and vote.

So I pop outside to take a photo of the poor suffering beast and this is what I see (not angled down hill, not eating hay which is what I typed and now seem like a drama queen over all of this).  I swear I try to take interesting photos, but this is pretty much it. 

Friday, September 18, 2009


I won't bore you with the regular: Java is perfect, the barn is wonderful, life is good.  Well, it still is, but I am currently distracted by some guilt...

This is the truth:  I baked a batch of cookies on Wednesday.  I've almost finished eating almost all of them.  Two problems with this: 
  1. Sorry Mr. Java's Mom, apparently I'm not great at sharing sometimes. 
  2. My Carhartts are feeling tight.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

CEO Bandy

Bandy: The feisty, adorable, snuggly, wake me up way early so I have a productive day, stick loving little thing.  Java runs my life, Bandy runs everone else's lives.  If she were a person, she'd be Jack Welch, without the infidelity, she is very loyal.  She would write books, hold seminars on efficency, bark orders, fire the less successful, and work the UPS guy for every biscuit he has in his pocket... wait a minute, she already does that part... and I dobut Jack did that.  Jack used to take a helicopter to work, Bandy would not like that part, but she's always open to a car ride.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey mom, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, can we hand graze please?  Well, I'm not actually asking, I'm demanding that we hand graze.  It's so much more fun to graze together...
We do the grazing tour, (lawn of rye and crabgrass, side lot of timothy, alfalfa and clover) and end up on the side lot where Java is convinced that something interesting is over our wall and across the street.  She either heard something (other horses live one street over) or she's admiring their barn wondering if animals live in it... or wanting to eat their grass too.  Whatever it is, she is trying very hard to figure it out.
Munch munch munch, stare stare stare.  She wants to drag me over to the edge of our wall and gawk.
They have no animals there, except for one dog, who barks.  They store junk in their barn.  Java is very eager to go over there and investigate.... which will not happening.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Nothing going on here, and that's great.  Java's been out handgrazing with me several times today, she had a little nap time, and now, well, she's napping again... Yes, this is a different photo.  Hey, Martha Stewart's blog has photos of lavender fields taken from a helicopter ride to a restaurant for lunch, me, apparently I'm into consistency with my photo taking.  I don't have a helicopter ride planned, but if I do I'll deviate from my regular photos. 
With just Java here, It's like an incredibly quiet rejuvenation spa or something...  even the dogs are chilled out. 
The incoming boarder officially backed out.  Her current place dropped their board in half (WOW) so that she would stay.  Eh, that's OK.  Something better will come around, until then, it's all Java's.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Java, right now:
Java looking normal, happy and peaceful.  Alone.  She apparently likes this status.  I'll have to take her profile off, she likes being single.

Sun left this morning.  Sun's people showed up at 8:15, and he finally loaded at 9:30.  No drama, but he really did not see the point in leaving.  I really did not either, aside from the 5 year old kid thing.  Java was very worried, then after Sun loaded and pulled away I took Java out of the barn.  We had a nice hand grazing session then went for one of the nicest trail rides that we've ever had.  Entirely pleasant, gorgeous footing, no bugs, and Java was completely into it being just us.  I kept her company while I stripped Sun's stall (I officialy have decided that I'm going to use less bedding for these guys or switch to pellet bedding or something, what a waste, 5 trips in the gator (grrr)) and fussing in the barn, and she is as peaceful as can be. 

I was waiting to break the big news to you all, but it self destricted before I had the chance:  Last week a nice horse owner who would be a nice fit here said she would like a stall.  Great.  Welcome, etc.  He would arrive in October.  Then I get a call from one person with two horses... I say, thanks but I just had someone commit to one of the stalls, but feel free to call me if you want to see the place for future reference, etc.    Then last night I get a call from the new-incoming boarder.  She MIGHT not be coming now...  She is thinking about staying where she is...  Think I have caller ID to call the lady back with the two horses... No. 


If you don't know any crazy horse people, its you.  IS NOW:  We are ALL CRAZY.  Period. 

Friday, September 11, 2009


 Bat Man.  dananananananananananananan bat man...
Sun, live it up little guy.  Make the most of it and graze corner to corner... only a matter of a day or two (i personally would love to know when so that I can plan, but that would only make sense, and if there is ONE thing that I have figured out lately, that is that a lot of things on a horse farm do not make sense).
What a nice color... (Sun, not the pile of top soil in the background).
In for dinner.  Munching hay, hanging.
Mackie loves horse water.  He thinks it is special water and will drink from a horse bucket until his belly is full .
True:  I almost always see two toads as I go out the door for night check.  As I went ouside last night, I see no toads, and thought "Where are the toads?..."  Well, turns of that one is inside probably asking "where is my toad friend... OR, where is that human?".  Then... later last night... I finish night check, tuck the horses in, tuck the dogs in, and reach for the lamp in the dog room to turn off the light and see this.  Toad in plant pot.  Right next to the radio where Mackie and Bandy listen to country music, nestled in...
I put the pot with toad outside.
Oh, and Martha Stewart, if you're reading this, yes those are moss roses (and parsley that will soon be thrown out).  I had them planted in our window box, they did not like that spot, did not bloom (yes,you're right, it was too dark and too damp for them), I replaced them with mums, put the moss roses in pots, brought in the pots and either brought in the toad, or he helped himself in... I did leave the door open earlier for Bandy who seemed to want to barf on the rug, so I let her out and left the door open.  Either way, he's outside now.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sights and smells

Sun eating. 
Sun does a few thing while out in the new paddock. 
Eats hay.
Walks the fence line.
Walks on his own poop as he walks the fence line.  (Java only steps on manure in emergencies, and only emergencies (ie: if the wood chipper is in action within sight).
Sun has been an incredibly good boy all week.  Poor little guy leaves this coming weekend.  I have put as much weight as possible on him in the last few weeks, he could use more.  I'm sure he will be fine at his new home.  Now that he eats like a normal horse, hopefully all the other details will fall into place for him.  (you are wondering if you think that you know what I mean, and you do know what I mean).
Cute little guy tried to kick me when I was topping off his water at night check last night. 
It's safe to say he has some baggage from a past experience at a different barn, some definite stall issues.  He'll be OK.  Java had all kinds of issues, and she's OK, heck, she's running my life for me, that's pretty good.
And, Jimbo next door is having his guys screen that huge pile of top soil this week (see pile with weeds growing out of it beyond java in the below pic).  The noise is highly... mesmerizing.  Java is tolerating it well.  Sun is far enough away in his paddock that he does not have to hear every little clunk, beep and thud.  Java is chillin.  Good girl.  I'll be psyched when that pile of dirt is gone/spread out, it will look at lot better there and here.
OH, and here's another tid bid that you did not expect:  that dirt that Jimbo is screening next door stinks like 300 year old cow crap.  It's old farm land and I don't know if it actually smells because it IS 300 year old cow crap, or if all top soil that's been in a pile for 6 months stinks like this, but either way, I'm hoping it's all done soon.  I laugh at the absurdity of this all.  Who would have guessed that this is my life.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Mr. Java's Mom has finished stacking the wood in the overhang of the workshop (uh, really it's a garage, but it is his workshop, our cars are parked outside. John Deere stuff gets garaged, period).

This beautiful stack of wood is two rows deep. I probably helped put 8 logs on here. Sorry honey. Good job.

There is more in the Blair Witch Shed. It looks icky because the Blair Witch Shed is spooky. Hence the name. The wood is fine though, I think:

And, of course we need other places to stack wood. There's the year after this winter to think about... (Oh GOODIE). New racks ready and waiting for the latest wood that I'm sure we will have fun splitting and stacking. The project list goes like this here: Cut down trees, cut into log lengths, split, stack and plant new trees to regain privacy. Repeat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Bandy giving me a look.
In person this was a pretty look.
The way the picture came out, it looks like she's a bad ass thinking of bad ass mischief.
Or, maybe she's thinking: "After I sit still for this photo, I'm going to roll in skunk poop and then find out a way to get it on your jeans.... which you will not notice until you are inside and talking on the phone with someone important, get it on your hands and at that point I'll look over at you with the innocent look".

Monday, September 7, 2009

new toy

Java watching the new toy... the poo flinger aka manure spreader. She is mesmerized by this. ALL DAY.

Rear view, loaded up with compost:

Flinging. This is the funny part. My mom and I drove around and around the top paddock spreading compost and laughing our butts off at how ridiculous this is, useful, simple and fun.

I'm tired... more later...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Exciting News...

Exciting News:
We got a manure spreader.
From Craig's list of course.
Photo later today to come.

We're renovating the top paddock this weekend I'll be sure to post some sweet video footage of our new addition in action.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My photo of Sun being a good boy seconds before I went for my ride with Java yesterday (in and contained in his stall for damage control). I was able to regain part of my sanity yesterday. I can tell because when I went to grocery store later I did not talk with the check out person about the new refurbished carts and how much I like them.
Java taking a break with one eye on the house door, and one eye on the neighbor's house (the odd neighbor). She's counting the seconds until I tell her how fabulous she is.

Ready to hunt the paddocks for manure. I'm one with the pitchfork and muck bucket. Mr. Java's Mom calls it poo patrol. Java leaves her manure mounds intact... and Sun mushes his into oblivion in the paddock. Less easy poo patrol with it mushed in, but how boring things would be with out a challenge like that. Keeps my eye hand coordination with the pitch fork in tip top shape. I bet if we all got together and played tennis using pitch forks we would rock out.

let's pretend

Let's pretend that Sun is this good all the time.

And, let's also pretend that Java understands why they are separated until Sun leaves.

There is a completely over used phrase that if you don't know any crazy horse people, it's you. It's official... it is me. They have made me insane. I'm going for a ride.