Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Agenda - revised...

Agenda for tomorrow:

go to work

leave work early

move Java to temporary home

auger more fence post holes

pour corner fence post sono tubes

watch crew pour foundation footing for barn

pray for fast progress.

If you were really reading the above, you might have stopped around the line that says move Java to temporary home. This is actually funny. The boarding barn where Java lives (until Wednesday) knew that I was building a barn.

All the photos of Java you have seen are from other barns. I had a photo posted earlier but took it down, Java told me this morning that there was no need to scare everyone.

I kept the barn owner informed of all the boring details along the past year as reassurance that I would give her TONS of notice of when we would be leaving so she could fill the stall. She apparently got tired of waiting and kicked us out of the barn. September 1st was the deadline. Of course I could not snap my fingers and get a barn built (I've tried anyway, so far it's almost working). So Java will stay with some very nice people until the barn is finished here. I will say, it's OK we got kicked out, it's serious motivation to get this barn finally done. If all goes well, by the end of the day on Wednesday, Java will be somewhere bright, cozy and safe. I'll take a good picture because I know you all are worried. Me too. I'm glad we're moving. It's one step closer to Java's Barn!

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