Friday, August 1, 2008

did this really work

I think I just set up my/our blog. If so, this would be my first post.

This blog is about Java (my horse) and her barn that we are building at our house. It's a very big deal, and Java is no ordinary horse. She's my horse, and she's Java. I'm sure she considers me lucky to be her owner... and I am. So, we're building a barn for her, right here at home.

I'll get the barn plans tomorrow and will be able to post a photo, or some type of image that will resemble the barn. It is going to be great. Java is going to love it, and I'm going to freak out, it's going to be awesome!!!


Oda said...

Excited to read this Java barn "blob" :-)

Oda said...

Since it was your first post, in the skydiver world, you owe beer. Nice pictures Dana!! --Max

The Southport Globe said...

Looks like the field gnome is enthusing the situation..everything is under control here apparently.

The Southport Globe said...

ah, looking closer I can see the MB 4matic behind the stonewall. Very mint!