Monday, January 10, 2011


Drat.  I can't seem to catch rats in the zapper.  The bait slowly disappears, with no stiff rat reward inside.

So I brought back the pros and we placed additional bait boxes.  The bait is secure inside the box, the opening into the box is small enough that only a rodent can get to the bait that is secured in place with a pin in the box.  I have not seen any more rats, although, I think the big ones are too smart for this bait box stuff, the smaller ones prove to be very easy to catch with snap traps.

I was having exciting yet revolting luck with the snap traps.  I took photos but it's not worth hurting your eyes, or brain.  All I can say is that rats are more disgusting and strange than I imagined.  Think a mix of blood, mystery, creativity and my strong will to protect Java's Barn from rat life.  Mr. Java's Mom has not assisted with any rodent issues, but he can barely tolerate the updates, so I'll spare you too.  Oh, and for the record, the rodents are not in the grain bin.  They prefer the first floor apparently (grain bin is in the loft).

Sugar healed from his injury that he came here to heal from.  He was a wonderful lameness rehab patient, and of course we became completely attached to the little guy.  But, the day finally came for him to join his owner in Mississippi and he left last week.  His replacement arrives this coming weekend.  The replacement belongs to someone who will help me at the barn and with the baby when it arrives.   So the herd will consist of Java, T and Shorty, all sound and healthy.  Sugar left with a nice horse transportation professional and a day or two later, we got a beautiful blanket of snow.

Java clearly excited about the snow outside.  Time to play and roll! 
(that is one of the bait boxes under her blanket rack)

Sugar... are you in the barn, come out and play! 
He has been gone for days now, but she still looks for him. 
Totally heartbreaking.  She has never missed a buddy like she misses Sugar.  T is in the next paddock, she likes T's company, but not like she appreciated Sugar.

looking for goodies

Panoramic shot that looks mini because it does not fit on the page.

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