Friday, August 22, 2008

It's a beautiful day to backhoe

We are working the John Deere 2305 overtime to get some fencing in. We used the auger to make some holes. We broke it, only once so far. Good thing the hardware store opens at 8:00 am. Anyway, we had to use the backhoe for the post holes that were too rocky to drill out and force those darn rocks our of our way, which took all day to do only half!!!

We warmly greeted our new friend Caterpillar. I seriously offered the Caterpillar operator, Dan, John Deere fruit snacks to him for staying late to dig the foundation out today. And yes, he was thrilled. How lucky are we? Rocks are like little ants to this machine.

Permits, check! Excavation, check! Fence, working-on-it check! Oh, brace yourself for this one: person driving down from New Hampshire to take away rocks for free to go into some foo foo patio area in Darien, check! All the hiccups have been reasonable so far: incomplete deliveries, breaking auger, cutting through power line with backhoe, permanent poison ivy, writing-so-many-checks-that-I-had-to-order-more-checks-and-thank-god-they-arrived-in-time-to-write-more-checks. It's still awesome.This is what that nice huge machine can get done in a couple of hours. In person, this hole and trenches look enormous. Tomorrow morning will be some more cool photos...


Stumpy said...

Dana, it's John Deere "twenny-tree-oh-fiiive"....say it right. ;-P -Max

The Southport Globe said...

Dude, check it out.