Saturday, August 16, 2008

Javas fencing materials

I missed it. Fed Ex was out of here so fast, I missed the whole fence-unloading-photo shoot opportunity. The fencing does not look like much all wrapped up, I expected a heap of stuff blocking the driveway and causing local commotion. But it is super heavy, and almost tipped the John Deere 2305 on its front while moving it from it's original unloading spot. Oh, of course it's not all here. Those folks from Alabama forgot to include the whole order with this shipment, but I'm sure by the time we get that auger cranking next week it will be here. The whole kit n' kaboodle (don't really like that phrase, but I bet the Alabama fence people use that phrase).

And... you're asking... what kind of fence is that?! Isn't the fence going to be all wood and nails?? NO. Java+wood+nails=boo boos. This is Java style fencing: good looking, clean look, and won't hurt if she runs into it, shoves her head through it or rolls half way under it and gets all goofed up with it.

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Dark said...

Blackie is always in the pictuer all the time..