Friday, August 29, 2008


Lumber delivery PLUS back filling at the same time. It looks so placid in the photos, but it's like truck mania at our house.
The Caterpillar is back filling like crazy, there are pick up trucks everywhere, and the lumber delivery is being carefully placed in a location that will hopefully make the carpenter happy. News flash - hey Mr. Carpenter man, I actually don't care whether you are happy or not. Start building. If you want anything, be nice and I will deliver it on a silver platter (excavators can back me up on that, Gatorade in sterling silver ice bucket), otherwise, sweat it out and whine all you want but I will be listening for a certain number of hammer and nail noises per minute, and if it slacks off at all, Java will come over here herself and make the situation clear.
Build. Now. Thank you very much.
By the way, photos of beautifully back filled site to come bright and early, the excavator did a beautiful job, I'm thrilled, what an awesome job they did. No threats necessary, I am floored, they have been fabulous.

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