Friday, July 3, 2009

weed whacking

Java in her favorite paddock, checking everything out. Ho hum, this is a little boring mom.

So, I decide to let her loose to do some weed whacking. She did a thorough job around the trees.

In real life I'm a real estate agent. I've had a very busy week for a change. I'm thinking of sharing some odd things that people say sometimes in the real estate business. Actually, it's so clear to me that both the horse world and real estate has a large percentage of odd/unique/interesting (strange) people in it.
For example:
Horse person, this was a potential boarder. I asked her what she was looking for in terms of care, etc. She said: "I'm a MASTER COMMUNICATOR. My horse has told me what he wants. He wants PASTURE." I'm thinking wow lady, if you are a master communicator, you must be reeeaaaalll good. So you say your horse wants pasture. That's incredible (duh). SO I ask, how much pasture. She says "between 15 and 30 acres." I sigh a HUGE relief, I don't have that. I inform her that she might want to look outside of the state of CT for land like that, and I don't have land like that, best of luck, etc.
Real Estate, this was a comment from buyer. Very nice people, from NYC, looking at a gorgeous house out here in the "country". After looking at the house, walking the land, loving it all, she says "we are worried about bugs, its the country and there are bugs" She was not referencing termites, she was talking about the flying nuisance bugs. Well, yep, there are bugs here, outside, that does occur... bugs occur. Yep...
And, Drum Roll.....................The new boarder arrives tonight. She so far does not seem odd/strange. I really like her. I hope we all like her horse too. I'll take pics.

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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I owned a recruiting company for several years and always said I would write a book about with all of the crazy stuff people said over the years. Sometimes you just have to shake your head.