Thursday, July 16, 2009

making do

Java is wonderful. She's a little tired and sore from running around with a 3 year old (Sun, the new resident), but we're managing. I'm beginning to stress about the horse trials we are doing at the beginning of August. I have never done a dressage test, have no idea how to salute, and do not know how we will be getting there. BUT, I'm pretty sure that it is a schooling horse trials, and we are doing the lowest level. Poor Java loves to jump and we'll be dinking over little logs in a field. Also, Java is barefoot and my trimmer said it can be rocky there... OK OK, we'll be fine, I'm just stressing.

Sun is still settling in, and Java and Sun get along beautifully. But, he is antsy at times and likes to walk the fence line. This eventually makes Java nuts and she wants to be separated. This morning she banged her knee on the fence post while running, bossing Sun around and getting my attention. We need more paddocks. We have 3 right now, and will be putting in the 4th soon. I look at Melissa's photos and think... oh wow, 40 acre pastures ....

Now that would do the trick. But, we like our place, especially Java so we will make do with less acres.

The weather has been amazing, CT is making up for the lack of 40 acres pastures with the weather.
Mackie goofing off. Yes, that would be his beloved John Deere toy.

I have no interesting photos. I decided that riding is more fun than trying to take interesting photos.

What's this? This is our larger, more mats wash stall. NICE.


Anonymous said...

Love the wash stall - wish I had one just like it! Don't stress about the dressage test - try to go see one before you have to go and the picture will be clearer.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

You will be FINE at the horse trials! I had no idea what I was doing at my first one but I managed to win it thanks to my saint of a horse! He is now retired from jumping but he was game for anything. To salute just halt, put your reins in your left hand, drop your right hand, nod your head, pick your reins back up and then carry on. Piece of cake!

Amy said...

where is the wash stall on the barn?