Thursday, July 9, 2009

Java bliss

Pics of shiny Java. No I do not put anything on her coat and feed no hoof/coat/etc supplements. I do groom her regularly, and she's just radiant from being so happy here at home. Really, I don't know why she is so shiny, but yes, I like it. I trimmed her tail a little more than usual so that ticks don't use it like a escalator.

Java is just wonderful. I'm sure that those who read this blog and have horses feel the same way about their horses. I'm a very lucky girl.

Sun is doing great, we'll get some weight on him and since he's only 3, he will fill out some eventually and maybe look as round and shiny as Java.

And, Mr. Java's Mom got video of a couple of jumps today (end of day, no sun, it's not that dreary here). It's OK, I see all the wiggling that I'm doing that is not necessary, and I definitely see that Java is barely making an effort over the small jump and swinging her legs to the side. We have a higher jump that we'll work up to, that should make her put a little more effort in. But, hey, we had tons of fun, actually we have tons of fun every time we ride. And since, Mr. Java's Mom got the video right twice, I posted both. Video Fiesta.


Anonymous said...

Our horses are very shiny too - I think it's just good nutrition and lots of elbow grease in the grooming - and not too many bathes with shampoo which removes the natural oils. Nice pictures!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Love the videos! Most of the horses here are really shiny and they live outside. Like Kate said I think it comes down to good care and good nutrition, which Java obviously gets!