Monday, June 29, 2009

My animal friends

Yes, my blog can be a little boring. I understand. I can't take photos of myself riding, so a lot of my pics are of the in between.

The dogs are up to their usual:

Our new boarder arrives on Friday afternoon and I'm excited.

Java has been amazing about being home alone, and I've gotten spoiled having to take care of only one horse.

BUT... she will appreciate the company of another equine. I took these short video clips while keeping her company in the top paddock so that she could roll and play. They were doing something with a big machine beeping next door so she had an excuse to get excited. Java and I are pretty codependent, and as you can see, she likes to be near me, thank goodness I know her well enough to let her get this close while goofing off. When she is not playing in the top paddock, she is grazing everywhere but the top paddock.

Java rolling while I stand guard protecting her from... nothing. But she felt more comfortable with me there so that she could indulge.

Java looking around for something to react to and then coming over to me.

Java just getting ramped up and the camera memory became full. I try, I really do. Hopefully I'll get less boring posts in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Nice trot and lead change, Java! You know, dogs sitting in cars aren't boring - your dogs are strange - but then you know that! And I could watch horses roll and charge around all day - wait, I do! I'm never bored by your posts.