Monday, July 6, 2009

The weekend

The weekend was wonderful, I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Thank you for your supportive and nice comments. I really appreciate it and thrive on the support. I love our place here, and it is really nice to hear you guys like it too!

Sun is doing great. He is settling in very quickly. I'm seeking a retiree for the third horse. Maybe someone who wants a place for their horse to get ready and unwind for real full-time-retirement at a place like Melissa's at Paradigm. Heck, I love Melissa's place. And I hear horse owners talk about hesitation sending their horse "away" and that they will miss them. So they could prep for their retirement here and eventually go to Melissa's. Who knows, that would be nice though, wouldn't it!?

Here is Java getting ready to take a little snooze with Sun hanging nearby in the top paddock. They might be close to ready to go out together.

Sun barely visible as he was coming up the fence line to say hi.

Bandy after a swim. This dog likes sticks and preferably big sticks.

And... the new 3 bin manure compost station. I have dubbed it the Manure Cabana. You might remember that there was a bocce court here when we bought the place (old post from last August). We promptly ripped out the timbers for it and our good friend Tom said that he wanted them for his place as he would like a bocce court at his house. So we neatly stacked them and waited, then had to move them and stack them another place and waited for him to come and get them. Well, one year later, we got tired or waiting. They are now the supports and ramp for the Manure Cabana. Tom is too cool for this blog so he does not know yet that his bocce court future is over. The 3 bin composting system is easy: New manure goes in, there are PVC vents that circulate air in the heap and the stuff will decompose fast, no flies will hatch and we will have some excellent compost that I will eventually sell. Thank you Mr. Java's Mom. You rule.


Anonymous said...

Love the manure composter! We have too many horses for an arrangement like that - but our manure goes across the street to the neighboring organic farm to be added to their compost piles.

the7msn said...

That has got to be the nicest-looking compost bin on the planet. Is the design from a guy named Peter...maybe Moon is his last name?

Java's Mom said...

HA! I think it is a pretty spiffy bin too, that's why i had to call it the manure cabana. It's like luxury for your manure. Mr. Java's Mom takes his farming seriously and build that bin esentially so that if I bump into it with the tractor it won't fall over. he went to a site called O2Compost and looked at other bins that horse people built and that is what he based our design on. I just now went to their about us page and there is a guy named Peter Moon. Darn 7MSN, you're GOOD!!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Only Java's barn would have a compost bin that nice looking! Your place is beyond perfect.

the7msn said...

When you mentioned the PVC set up, I figured it had to be Peter's. I researched his system for a horse rescue I used to volunteer with. They really wanted to use the O2Compost plans but never could get the money together. I'll look forward to seeing how your "black gold" turns out.

gtyyup said...

We're wanting to do a compost for our manure and your's is great! Thanks for mentioning the 02Compost site...we'll be able to get more ideas!