Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Animal Moments

Oh Boy! Java and Sun get along. They spent the afternoon out together yesterday. And today they are hanging out happy as can be. Sun is still settling in and seems to be looking for other horses, but will probably figure out soon that it's just Java.

Yesterday was the first day they were out together. I watched them for a couple of hours and they were fine, so I went to the store. I got back and saw Java looking for me over the fence. I know this means "mom, we'd like to come in now, please come get us".

I start unloading the car fast and getting the groceries into the fridge. I go out for the last bag of groceries and Bandy is waiting for me at the back door like "mom, come quick, Mackie is doing something bad". His head is all the way in the bag in the back of the car, he is making a snorting scarfing noise, his head pops out, I look in and see that he has somehow gotten the whole bag of Ghirardelli Cocoa chips into his belly. Oh for crying out loud, chocolate! I call the vet and ask if it is an old wives tail that dogs cannot have chocolate or true. She says it's true (hey an educational emergency, that's great) and calmly and swiftly gives me instructions on how to induce vomiting so that Mackie does not DIE. Mackie preferred his own method and yacked all over his bedding with a lovely blob of oozy cocoa chips. Nice Mackie. Meanwhile... the horses are running a good clip in the top paddock as I'm trying to run the canine ER unit. I get up to the top paddock, the horses have stopped running and are all the way at the end of the paddock hanging out.

I call them, and bam, they come running like wild little animals to me. Dripping and drenched in sweat. They think this is fun.

Bath time, times two. Sun loved the spa treatment.

Animals. I love them, but one episode at a time please.

They must not be any worse for wear because they are fit as a fiddle, limber and ready for more fun today.

This is this morning so far:

Looks like Java ran off a little bit of her chub yesterday.

And, Mr. Java's Mom found it important that I mention that the Manure Cabana is not an O2Compost design. He visited the site and others, and made many modifications to our design, including the special cover made of some special material, the base material, blah blah blah. I still think it's a cool system. But, now that I clarified that it's not really an O2Compost design, but a special Mr. Java's Mom original, all will be right with the world. That's OK Mr. Java's Mom, you still rule for making it.


Amy said...

ive found alot of conflicting info on dogs and chocolate. i think the danger is a bit overblown. but here is a chart i found that is interesting

Java's Mom said...

Awesome chart Amy. Mackie consumed about 10 ounces of high quality cocoa. Thank goodness he yacked, according to the chart and for his weight (@100lbs) he was into double the amount needed for "potential death". The vet was like, are we talking a kit kat...and I'm like, no cocoa, the good stuff, straight out of the bag. The vet then quickly detailed how to induce vomiting. Mackie is happy and healthy today, good boy for barfing so well! :)

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

We had a dog eat an entire box of chocolate candy - my valentine candy of course. Every wrapper was left unconsumed, but every piece of chocolate gone. We all lived through the experience, thankfully our doggie was as cooperative as Mackie and vomited on her own. I had forgotten about that as it happened over ten years ago.