Monday, July 27, 2009

regular update

Manure Cabana update:

Bin #1 is full, the stuff has been turned and the compost is reading at 155*. Looks like all is well there.
Bin #2 is now in action.

Mr. Java's Mom and I have chosen a contractor for our next phase of tree work to clear a new paddock. The last spot that we cleared was going to be the new paddock, but it wants to be a garden instead.

Wants to be a garden:

The new paddock will be on the other side of the fern path. The fern path will still exist, with just enough distance between the path and the paddock for a nice spot for the ferns as we know and love it now. There will also be shade as we will be leaving some trees.

Wants to be a paddock:

Java and Sun THANK GOD have finally bonded and conveniently they are happy to be out in the top paddock together all day until I drag their butts in for a ride with Java then dinner. Breaking news: I have just made an effort to take a lesson this Sunday (took the big step and send the trainer an e-mail). I have not had a lesson in many many years. This is to prepare for the horse trial. Then, I'll figure out how we are going to get there.

And on the odd occasion, Java loose to do her mowing around the barn:
PS: I'm tempted to finally get real on this blog, but am thinking that the smarmy happy chit chat is fine.


Anonymous said...

I like the smarmy happy chit chat. Your comments make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Happy chit chat is fine - but what would real be?

Amy said...

how is it going w sun's owner? how often does his person come by? did you give shaggy doggy bangs?!

Anonymous said...

I love "Java's Barn". It's an escape for me from real. But I'm sure real would be interesting too - do what's best for yourself.

Terry in Colorado