Friday, April 17, 2009

warming up and the grass is starting to grow.

It's finally getting a little warmer here.

Danny discovered the other day that there is some grass here. He was too busy running and playing until yesterday to notice. And, he went out on the very grassy (very grassy for here) paddock for a little while and thought that was just the best spot of all! Of course I just have a picture of him in one of the smaller paddocks, but there will be other opportunities and I'm sure I'll get a better variety of photos for you soon, especially now that it is warm enough that I don't have to try to work the camera with mittens on.

Java indulging in the "grassy" paddock. And as you might notice, the neighbor's lot is cleared of trees and currently has giant piles of dirt and sand. We are planting our privacy trees very soon.


Anonymous said...

Our grass is just getting started, too, but the horses are already enjoying what there is.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Things are getting nice here, too. The boys are on limited turnout to the grassy pastures, and the temps were into the 70's. We just need rain. Very dry here for this time of year.

I sure hope your neighbors turn out to be ok folks. That's quite an expense that they are undertaking - and for what - just a house?

Java's Mom said...

yes, it's all for a house... he really likes a large yard. He's nice, and very proud of himself. clearly a developer, but I will be SO glad when it's done. The horses are incredibly tolerant of the stuff going on over there and barely bat an eyelash at the machinery and trucks.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

It seems most horses are incredibly tolerant of construction. I built the stalls and tack room and hayloft with my trusty air nailer and compressor all the while Wifey rode in the indoor. It sure helps to desensitize them to the horse-eating monsters.