Saturday, April 18, 2009

a quiet day with the animals:

The gang, relaxing. Danny is wandering around up top during most of this, so he did not make it into any of the photos for this post. Don't worry, he's OK, living it up.

Maggie demonstrating her incredibly good manners by sharing the paddock for a minute with Mackie:

Java, my trusty steed. We've had some awesome rides lately followed by curry comb shedding sessions.

Bandy, keeping the herd secure:

Maggie tasting the grass in the lower paddock. She approves of it's vintage and looks forward to future tastings.

Mags again, just because she looks so pretty:


Anonymous said...

Everyone - dogs and horses - looks content!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

If that ain't the cutest little dog....almost as cute as my Luci!

HorseCrazy23 said...

I haven't posted in a while,but i'd like to say that all the horses at your barn are sooo cute! I'm just wondering, but do you show Java? She looks like she'd be a great hunter/jumper!

Java's Mom said...

Java and I have shown, but not lately. We do the hunter/jumpers, great guess! Java and I hope to do a jumpers next, last time we showed we did equitation and hunter classes. But, since Java is very brave, turns on a dime and we love having fun, we will try jumpers next. There is a place down the street with year round jumper shows, we might try that out next. Crazy, but I think we can do it. I'm love having her at home, and having all of the horses so happy. :) Thanks everyone.