Tuesday, April 28, 2009

flymasks all around

I think to myself as I see these guys with their masks on: "What the heck am I thinking. These things are ridiculous."

Java: clearly not amused.
Java is definitely using profanity with that expression.

Maggie: Clearly not amused:
Maggie: Oh My God, I cannot....

Danny, always wanting what is on the other side of the fence, and always amused:. His mask is black because it is Java's first mask. Danny is trying it out to see if he wants is very own mask.

Horse Fly Masks:
Crazy looking: YES.
Like magic: YES.

Happy, non head shaking horses live here now.


Anonymous said...

Those gnats are deadly - we're just starting on them, and we're already seeing flies and ticks - I'm just waiting for the mosquitos with all the rain we've had. Some of my horses will keep fly masks on, and others won't. Do you have a favorite brand? - I like the look of yours.

HorseCrazy23 said...

Ha ha! I once had an order for an acrylic painting of a TB wearing his fly mask for a "summery" picture for the owners barn! It was so fun to do!

Java's Mom said...

HI Kate,

These new masks are Cashel Crusader. The black one is a basic Absorbine (all with ears, they come with out ears too). The absorbine fly mask will be hard to get off, it has a very nice two strap velcro closure. the cashel ones have just one strip of velcro, and might be easy for a horse to take off. the absorbine masks have regular sized ears, the cashels have very roomy ears, and although it looks funny with loose ears on the mask, it is definetly more comfortable for Java who apparently has big ears. These two kinds of masks (cashel and absorbine) are the only kinds that i know horse owners are pleased with. I ordered the Cashels from Smartpak and picked up the absorbine at the local feed store. they wash up great, and even hose off great too, and dry very fast hung over a fence.