Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gnats, UPS and flymasks.

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you are sitting on the edge of your seat for your fly mask order to arrive: home made chicken pot pie, home made strawberry shortcake, sold manure to a local gardener, laundry, ate the remainder of the chocolate ice cream, ordered hay and curried Java about 30 times. Dan and Mags are body clipped and right now, lower maintenance.

Now, the wait is over! The UPS truck just pulled out of the driveway, and it's going to be a flymask party. We have gnats, they are gverry gannoying to the horses. Go gaway gnats. Dan and Mags are fly mask newbies, so I think they will love this new accessory. Dan will get to wear one of Java's and if he likes it, his mom will get him his very own. Maggie has tried out Java's and loffs it. And, Java got a new fly sheet this season. Reviews to come. Yes, I plan on being my usual critical self. :)

These pictures were from early this morning before the gnats woke up. The horses are back in right now resting from the buggers, but are about to go back out with the right gear for all day grazing! yeah!

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