Saturday, April 11, 2009

Danny is here

It's been pouring rain all afternoon, and I'm pacing like an anxious... something anxious... pacing like Java. The girls went out this morning and seconds before the rain started (love Doppler) they came in to spend the day inside sheltered from the pouring-blowing-rain eating hay all day and relaxing (Mags is not a true country girl yet and does not want to be out in the rain). Meanwhile, I've got my head poked out of the barn doors for 2 hours as every vehicle that sounds like a horse van has me transfixed on the road, calling out to Mr. Java's Mom, "I think I hear it!"... meanwhile, every vehicle is not a horse van. Well, finally it was a horse van...! Danny arrived. He's whinnying, pawing and very eager to get off the truck. A couple of treats and he knows I'm his new best friend, and he unloaded like a super pro, very patient, and walked up the path to the barn like he's been here 100 times before. Java takes a look, is like "oh hi Danny... Danny? The Danny I used to live next to... like 6 years ago?" Danny says, "sweet place you've got here Java... Oh, hi Mags". These guys all used to live at the same place. So after barely acknowledging each other's existence, they did this:




Bandy checking in at the door to see what the horses are doing... She is confused, the new horses are so calm. OH, this is simply the best. Tomorrow is a big day, I'll take photos.

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have a horse settle in so easily! Looks like all is well.