Saturday, April 25, 2009

nice weather to be lazzzzzzzzyyy.

I'm exhausted from planting trees and the idea of finishing the installation of the rest of the trees. Mr. Java's Mom is doing most of the work... but... it's SO nice outside, I want to take a nap. Really. The horses are happy, soaking in the warm weather, happy and wonderful, it makes me want to relax... just one day, please? Nope, we're going to plant 11 trees today. The others are in, and look great so far. We will mulch them this weekend too. As soon as I find the camera I'll take some interesting photos.


HorseCrazy23 said...

Its beautiful here, too! Im so happy that I have to tell you guys- my neighbors are putting in a huge horse stable, with arenas and everything! Its going to be 10 stalls, and will have 30 acres of pastures and trails! they already said that I can have a job as a groom/stablehand! yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

The trees look really nice - and everyone seems to be enjoying the sun!

Java's Mom said...

HC23 Congratulations on your new neighbors!