Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Horse ear plugs

Photo of Danny ready to go outside for playtime with his girls cheering him on. One thing is missing... his ear plugs. Danny likes to find excuses to play (ie; run like a nut) and his ear plugs help him to feel more secure and in his own happy zone/place. Well, he got rid of them yesterday in the top paddock. They are brown. It took me hours and hours and hours to find QT's shoe, it will probably take waaaaaaaay longer to find two brown yarn balls out there. I think he will be OK. I'll be step up the helocopter-mom mode today to make sure he's OK.

Oh, and Maggie has a crush on Danny. These horses are very funny. I'm sure they will do something new today. The camera is in my pocket with battery fully charged.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the three of them together - the expressions are priceless!