Friday, April 10, 2009

QT has moved

QT moved to his new home today. QT is a wonderful pony who was here to keep Java company until more friends arrived. I thought it would be a while, but new friends found us pretty quickly. Danny will be arriving here for his vacation soon, so I had to make room. He will be very well taken care of and will be living only one street over keeping a horse company at a friend's house. He will have friends to play with and lots of turnout and really good hay. His new "nanny" adores him already and is excited to help him settle in at her place. I'm only a stone's throw away, so if QT needs me, I'm there! But... he won't.

QT looking at me funny, knowing that something is up:

QT ready to go:

QT's stuff (I wish I could pack that light!):

One more look at the little guy. Java whinnied for him over and over... QT did not even care, he had already started on the hay in the trailer about 1.2 seconds after loading into the trailer.


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Hoof polish, too? Oh my!

Java's Mom said...

Yes, he wanted to be gussied up for his big day. It's just hoof moisture, he looked a little dry today :) but his hooves did really get dark and shiny with it on there!

Anonymous said...

Those ponies - all they ever care about is food!

the7msn said...

Love the green baling twine you used for ribbon to wrap his stuff. And sending him along with an extra pair of shoes...such a thoughtful caretaker you are.

gtyyup said...

QT looks like he'll be just fine in his new digs...glad it's all working out well for you! Nice you'll be close by too.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I'm glad QT's move went well. You sent him off in style!