Tuesday, April 21, 2009

John Deere 2305, white pine, white spruce and happy horses.

Friends ask, so, what are you up to lately. I usually keep it simple with, "oh the usual"...Like unloading 25 trees at 7:00 at night in the cold rain. Well, I was "supervising" (which means I was hoping that he would not tip over the tractor or hurt any of the tress unloading them) and Mr. Java's Mom was unloading with the tractor, the John Deere 2305.
Good enough, they're here. Now to get them into the ground. These little beauties will be the first step in getting our paradise back to our private little paradise. I think we'll need more trees, but at least it is a start. There are 25 total to start with, not all are in the photo.

And, the gang is wonderful, of course. Spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it. The mares thankfully suddenly came to their senses and decided that friendship and love are wonderful, but food is the best. Back to the usual horse behavior today. Yes!

Java looking beautiful:

Java with Maggie looking on from the top paddock in the background:

Mags with her mud:

Danny with his mud:

Mags and Danny would rarely be allowed to roll in the mud without a turnout on at their "other home". Well, they are on vacation, so they are allowed to be horses here. Mags almost has a guilty expression like: "sorry about the mud, I could not help it and it felt soooooooo good". I did watch her roll, she was loving it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the trees! It looks very foggy/misty where you are. All horses seem to love the mud - but for most it has to be just the right consistency - not too dry and not too wet, but just moist enough. We have this awful clay soil here that is slick and heavy and just plasters on and dries into chunks - on horses, in their manes and tails, and in their feet. It's good soil for growing grass, though.

HorseCrazy23 said...

Have fun planting the trees-lol! By the time they're all planted, Java, Danny, and Maggie will be laughing at you!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Jason and I refer to projects such as planting 25 trees as "marriage building exercises." :)