Monday, April 6, 2009

Full house

Java and Maggie with their two heads out to see what I'm doing... QT is in the stall down the aisle on the left. We have a full house. QT was generously lent to me as a temporary companion for Java. Then Maggie joined us. Bliss. Now, another horse, Danny, wants to come here too! This has all happened very quickly as I thought QT would have a longer vacation here, but Danny wants to come now. Since we are NOT a non-profit, this is the way the world works. We are so sad to think QT will not be here with his super-adorable-spunky-little self. We LOVE QT. Java, well, Java does not love him, but she likes him well enough (she pretends he is invisible when she is not trying to make him go away with ugly faces). What is a funny coincidence about all of this is that Java, Maggie and soon-to-be-Danny all used to live at the same place at one time (for years). That is very cool. We don't have a set date for the horse swap, but I thought I should break the news. Little QT, we love you.


HorseCrazy23 said...

hey!!! this is the first time i've commented here, but i LOVE your blog!!! Java is oober cute!!! i was also wondering what breed she is!!! thanks!!!

Java's Mom said...

HI!! Java is a 1997 Selle Francais. All registered 1997 Selle Francais' are named starting with "J', but Java's breeder did not speak French. She is a "Boujour" baby, he was a very well respected stallion who passed away a few years ago. A lot of his babies look like Java, big, dark with heads high. I'll do a post soon about her breeding. That would be fun!