Friday, October 31, 2008

1 great day, many more to come

End of the day:

Mr. Java's mom is perfecting our night light in the barn (solar) and Java decided she would go out for a grass snack after her dinner while we were all around working on the light fixture. Creme chowed down happily on dinner and hay.

Mackie supervised, and brought toys - two balls (one tennis, one paddle tennis). Slobbery.

What a great day!

peace at last

It's been 4 weeks since the barn was finished and the horses home... and no two days have been the same. There seems to always be something new, and NOT QUIET.

Except for today:

I keep checking on the horses, thinking they are up to something again. How wonderful... they're not. They are way back in the photo. Java is on the left looking at me checking to see if I'm bringing bushels of apples or something, not like that's ever happened before. I was just topping off their water.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ah... romantic autumn. Bummer. Creme wants to get to know Java beyond being "just friends". NO NO NO NO NO NO NOTTTTTTTT. Java has been sent to her room (stall) for the afternoon. Thank god they don't have cell phones. The text-ing bill would be huge.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mission accomplished

My mother called me yesterday, and asked, yes, and I quote (pissy tone) "what the hell are you doing?". I had totally forgotten about her voicemail the day before, and had not even given her the courtesy of a call back.

SO, what was I doing.... waiting for my hay, grain and bedding order.

Took up 3 days of my life: hoping the order really was placed (monday). getting anxious the day before the order was to arrive (tuesday). waiting for the order and hoping it would all work out (wednesday).

Mission accomplished.
New supplier.
New supplier handled tight driveway with with a smile.
New supplier loaded loft with good stuff and was wonderful to work with.
Me likey.
I'll order more, bigger in about a month.
That will be interesting, it will for sure test the capacity capabilities of the loft.

oh, you again.

Java and Mackie in a rare moment of acknowledging that each other exists, then quickly looking away. I think they said to each other "oh, it's you again, hi." They get along well, but don't seem to care what the other one is doing... ever.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

foliage bandwagon

Many blogs seem to have foliage photos posted lately... maybe because there is just something about the unique beauty of each leaf and tree that makes you want to share!! I was taking a walk with Mackie and found myself picking up leaf after leaf thinking - this one is so pretty.... no wait, This one is SO pretty... and another...

SO, I took a couple of pictures.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Java might be bored.
Or... maybe she thinks I'm bored.
Or... maybe Java is thinking: "hmmmm. I have my own fabulous stall at mom's house now. I can probably get anything I want. Let's see. I want in." I bring her in.
"I want out". I put her back out.
"I want to be brushed and look my best". I groom her (in an effort to calm her since she today for example since she was being a prime example of neurotic.
"I want back out, and we want hay please."

I'm actually wondering if she knows what she wants, or maybe she can't decide what she wants and will try a little bit of everything until she finds what makes her comfortable... I will figure this out... someday. She's still worth it.
Creme seems to understand her , and the direct line to his heart is food and a little snuggling, and he's happy. Good little guy, doesn't hurt that he is adorable.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The farm equipment

Java, Mackie and the John Deere 2305 all in one place. Java mows, Mackie mows (then barfs), and the 2305 does the rest.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ghost tag thing - THE BABY GRAVE

Spooky things about the things and land around Java's Barn...

There apparently is a blog thing where another blogger "tags" you to tell a ghost story, say nice things about others, and then "tag" other bloggers to do the same. It's kind of cool because it may lead you to blogs that you have not discovered yet. And, 7MSN tagged me, so I feel pretty special since I'm a HUGE fan of her blog!!

Then I mention the ghost it forward thing:

and name 3 other blogs I like aside from and say nice things about them. I follow a lot of blogs, and found some I really like. But, I've picked some pretty serious bloggers, like celebrities of the blog world, but I'm being honest here:

1. OK, so surprising, but aside from 7MSN, I visit the Martha Blog daily. Her photography is beautiful, I like the down to earth tone, and get ideas for our property since her property is so gorgeous. Go Martha:

2. Pioneer Woman. Serious blog with so much to it, all fun. So much to see, explore, fun, great blog:

3. Wow, just found this one. really nice, and inspirational. Also makes me think I really need a new camera, and more time to read:

Please horsey friends, don't be upset I did not "ghost" you. These are blogs that remind me of all the great things we can share with each other, big, small and fabulous things, all different people. mushy.

Here's my ghost story...

The house we live in is super old, built in 1738. There is a good bit of land (for CT) with it, and we never know what we will come across.

Old bottles:

And, something else?...

Mr. Java's mom and I got most of the work done on the property ourselves with the John Deere 2305 and Gator TS. The top field had some (uh, a lot) trees that needed to come down. One was a large oak (no, not a spectacular oak, but a big, ugly un interesting oak leaning over the wrong way waiting to crush me someday), that before Mr. Java's mom perfected his chainsaw skills fell a little askew and got hung up on a cedar. This was this summer pre-blog so I don't have any pics. Well... I get some rope, and we rig the tree to the tractor (funny) and Mr. Java's mom starts directing me. "go that way, keep going, keep going, keep going" (this is to drag the oak off the cedar). I'm screaming "the tractor is sinking!!!". Finally he stops barking orders and looks at me and the beloved 2305 half up in the air, still attached to the tree (huge oak), and one wheel mysteriously sunken down a couple of feet into a rectangular hole. We got the tractor out no problem (used the front end loader to push it up and put it in 4 wheel and got it out of the hole.).

Then, I remember, there is an odd piece of cut granite that marks that spot for some reason... I now call it the BABY GRAVE. Yikes. Heck, with the house built in 1738, there could be someone buried here...somewhere. We filled the dent we left in the mysteriously soft rectangular patch of land with wood chips so Java would not fall in. Left the marker though... just in case.

And, the funky looking outbuilding in the below photo (just past Mackie) that I don't mention and try to leave out of all photos, I call it the Blair Witch Shed. I think it's an old chicken coop. The whole house and property have wonderful, good vibes, but I DO NOT like the Blair Witch Shed. It's creepy, and something seems to die in it frequently, yuck (how do I know some something had died in there some of you might ask, and yes, the answer is gross: because all of the sudden, when I have to go fetch a shovel or rake, it smells super rank and there are big black flies all in there!!!! EEEWWWWW).

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Not all of the leaves have turned and fallen, but quite a few so far. SO, we are trying a new strategy: ongoing leaf cleanup. In theory we will make it easier on us to clean up each layer as it falls instead of waiting for them all to fall, then possibly get rained on and have to clean up tons of wet leaves in the freezing cold. Java and the John Deere 2305 are cool. Java checks in to see what Mr. Java's mom is doing with it and goes about her business. Not yesterday: this is one entertaining attachment. The Cyclone Rake. It is very spooky because it wheels around very quickly behind the John Deere 2305, makes tons of noise and the dry chopped up leaves makes a lot of dust that to Java may look like smoke. She is in her stall for a snack and nap (she hurt either her hoof or leg and being out all day straight is too much, so she came in to rest).

These two below are video of her watching, it's pretty funny, like a person eating with their mouth open watching something fascinating. Its VIDEO.
Java watched for HOURS:

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's getting very autumnal here lately. The sky and colors are gorgeous.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Navigator

Hm... think I'll go for a ride, now. Hm, Java... want to go for a trail ride? Yes please. OK. I'll throw on this handy dandy blaze orange vest and hope for the best (hint, we did not get shot by a hunter). We have NEVER been on this trail before. We have NEVER trail ridden out the back of our house before off the property. And, yes, about 45 minutes into the ride, of course my phone rang and I happily chatted away for about 15 minutes trying to get a good price on my next shipment of hay...blah blah. Java meanwhile said "you go ahead and talk mom, I'll keep going". SO I chatted and let Java walk along. I hung up as we reached water/stream/swamp and I figured that I should put the phone back in my pocket before dropping it while crossing water. We keep going and going, and eventually I have no idea where we are, but I know we have done a loop of some sort. I did not pay attention while on the phone. I tried to turn around, Java would barely turn around and would not go forward in the direction I asked. We tried this twice in two different areas. In CT you can't get too lost without eventually hitting a road somewhere, so I knew we would be home eventually, but at this point we had been going for over an hour at a brisk walk and occasional power trot (java is the ultimate trail horse). I was completely turned around. I decided to let Java lead the way, and she politely took us home!! It was a beautiful ride, leaves turning, etc. and not only did Java happily go out on a trail alone, but got us home too!! Yeah Java. How cool is that?!

finding a routine

It's still all new... so we're working on a routine. Morning routine is good. And for the afternoon, so far, anytime I think I have a plan, something comes up (take me in, take me out, feed me...). But this afternoon, Java is trying out her new paddock. It's one of the newly fenced in areas, directly in front of the barn. Creme has the top paddock all to himself and they are both very happy. I'll get a quick ride in before the rain, maybe I'll be able to video part of it...?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Java and I... walking down the fern path. She's not going very straight, she's probably wondering what the heck I'm doing! I've tried to record other, faster, more interesting gates (trot and canter) but so far this is it, I'll keep working on it!.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more fencing

More fencing is up. Gates to come. Creme and Java are getting along perfectly. Their primary spot will always be the top paddock. The fenced in area directly in front of the barn is "java's paddock", yes, it is. She's my girl, and that will be her spot when she is not going to run and tear up the grass, and will happily graze there. The top paddock is for careening and play time. Java's paddock is for eating and looking pretty. :) The other paddock is freshly seeded and fertilized and will be left to grow until next summer when we will put horses on it. Two can go in there. It's very nice. It may end up nicer than the top paddock because the footing is nice and even. Mackie is celebrating.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

fall activites

Mackie posing like it's a family portrait! what a ham.

John Deere with the backhoe in action for... more fencing!

Java stretching her legs.

Friday, October 10, 2008


We have 3 stalls in the barn. One is currently empty until I find the right addition. Each stall is 12x12 with two opening windows. The stall flooring is about 6 inches of 3/4 inch gravel, and about 5 inches of stone dust. This is then covered with rubber mats. This is pretty standard for new barns. Creme's stall is bedded with pine shavings. Java's stall is bedded with pine pellets. They come out of the bag like wood pellets, but are special bedding pellets. You wet the pellets and let them expand and it creates a nice layer for her bedding. It is not as good looking as the shavings, but is super easy to muck, wonderfully absorbent and makes a dense, soft bed for her. Java is taking some time to settle in, and the pellets work well so she can trash her stall and it does not create more work and cost more $ for me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Java and Mackie. She normally barely acknowledges his existence, but he is always super friendly and happy to see her.

Creme is feeling much better. The cute little guy really appreciated all the attention, and was a great patient.

Barn size

Fresh photos from this morning. Some have asked about the size. It's 3 stalls 12x12 each, with two opening windows in each stall. The building itself is 24 x 34 with a 12 ft overhang partially enclosed. Stall stats and photos to come next. Solar powered. That one panel at the top right of the roof works our lights and water pump. Cool.