Sunday, October 5, 2008

what's next - must be more fencing!!!

barn, check.

fabulous horses, check.

happy and fabulous horses, check.

water, check.

electricity - tomorrow.

finishing painting - Tuesday.

Fencing - that takes a little longer...

so, the horses went out this morning and had a ball. Ran around like kids having fun, and settled in nicely to graze and enjoy the paddock. So nice. Then, I brought them in because they seemed a little cranky. Maybe they needed nap time. They were resting beautifully in their stalls dozing off. That's our window of opportunity - lets put up more fencing! We need more paddocks for the future, and we need barn containment in case something unexpected were to happen. Creme was doing a great job supervising Mr. Java's mom on the John Deere 2305 back hoeing a post hole.
The horses went out again at the end of the day, and at night check were the best I've ever seen them - totally relaxed, healthy and most importantly - happy. This is unbelievably awesome.

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