Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mission accomplished

My mother called me yesterday, and asked, yes, and I quote (pissy tone) "what the hell are you doing?". I had totally forgotten about her voicemail the day before, and had not even given her the courtesy of a call back.

SO, what was I doing.... waiting for my hay, grain and bedding order.

Took up 3 days of my life: hoping the order really was placed (monday). getting anxious the day before the order was to arrive (tuesday). waiting for the order and hoping it would all work out (wednesday).

Mission accomplished.
New supplier.
New supplier handled tight driveway with with a smile.
New supplier loaded loft with good stuff and was wonderful to work with.
Me likey.
I'll order more, bigger in about a month.
That will be interesting, it will for sure test the capacity capabilities of the loft.

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