Saturday, October 4, 2008

mission accomplished, mostly

In the late afternoon, both kids (horses) were very mellow and relaxed, so we put them out together. It went great!

Well, almost great. Creme might have some boy instincts lingering and Java is not interested, and put on her best show of being bossy. SO, cute Creme wants to say hi, Java does not (more like, does not want to miss out on THAT blade of grass), and turned her butt around to him as a warning. Creme decided to persist (I can't blame him, I happen to say that persistence pays off), and Java insisted back, "no thanks" in the form of a hoof (they are both barefoot), a little harsh on her part, probably more emphasis on the "no" than the "thanks" in this case.
Poor Creme!! This is Java's hoof print on Creme's chest (U shaped). The red is obviously a cut, which thankfully was also part of an old cut from another horse at his previous home. He's doing well. I hope this is the last boo boo he'll ever have.

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