Monday, October 6, 2008


Fence corner posts in. Concrete to come...

The barn is in the process of being painted, so you may notice a few things out of place, but it's coming along. Love the painter. He was recommended by the best builder ever: Ken Sigfridson of Sigfridson Wood Products, and the painter is Tony.

The horses are being perfect angels today. Grazing happily, relaxed. It's amazing how you can see progress day by day as they settle in and get more comfortable here. I'm so glad they like it. I love having them at home.


Max said...

Wow Dana! How cool is that?! Java is finally "home".

Java's Mom said...

It's pretty cool. I am definitely still in shock. And... so far I love every bit; mucking, grooming, filling water buckets, sweeping... It's AMAZING that she is home.