Sunday, October 19, 2008


Not all of the leaves have turned and fallen, but quite a few so far. SO, we are trying a new strategy: ongoing leaf cleanup. In theory we will make it easier on us to clean up each layer as it falls instead of waiting for them all to fall, then possibly get rained on and have to clean up tons of wet leaves in the freezing cold. Java and the John Deere 2305 are cool. Java checks in to see what Mr. Java's mom is doing with it and goes about her business. Not yesterday: this is one entertaining attachment. The Cyclone Rake. It is very spooky because it wheels around very quickly behind the John Deere 2305, makes tons of noise and the dry chopped up leaves makes a lot of dust that to Java may look like smoke. She is in her stall for a snack and nap (she hurt either her hoof or leg and being out all day straight is too much, so she came in to rest).

These two below are video of her watching, it's pretty funny, like a person eating with their mouth open watching something fascinating. Its VIDEO.
Java watched for HOURS:


the7msn said...

Hi, Java's Mom. I just tagged you for a game or Ghost it Forward...if the spirit moves you. Come on over and see what it's about.

Cheryl said...

I just found your blog through the 7msn ghost tag! My gelding, Sunni, was originally named Java when he was at United Pegasus, a horse rescue in California! Come see him on my blog,