Sunday, October 26, 2008


Java might be bored.
Or... maybe she thinks I'm bored.
Or... maybe Java is thinking: "hmmmm. I have my own fabulous stall at mom's house now. I can probably get anything I want. Let's see. I want in." I bring her in.
"I want out". I put her back out.
"I want to be brushed and look my best". I groom her (in an effort to calm her since she today for example since she was being a prime example of neurotic.
"I want back out, and we want hay please."

I'm actually wondering if she knows what she wants, or maybe she can't decide what she wants and will try a little bit of everything until she finds what makes her comfortable... I will figure this out... someday. She's still worth it.
Creme seems to understand her , and the direct line to his heart is food and a little snuggling, and he's happy. Good little guy, doesn't hurt that he is adorable.

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