Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ghost tag thing - THE BABY GRAVE

Spooky things about the things and land around Java's Barn...

There apparently is a blog thing where another blogger "tags" you to tell a ghost story, say nice things about others, and then "tag" other bloggers to do the same. It's kind of cool because it may lead you to blogs that you have not discovered yet. And, 7MSN tagged me, so I feel pretty special since I'm a HUGE fan of her blog!! http://the7msn.blogspot.com/

Then I mention the ghost it forward thing: http://ghostingitforward.org/

and name 3 other blogs I like aside from http://the7msn.blogspot.com/ and say nice things about them. I follow a lot of blogs, and found some I really like. But, I've picked some pretty serious bloggers, like celebrities of the blog world, but I'm being honest here:

1. OK, so surprising, but aside from 7MSN, I visit the Martha Blog daily. Her photography is beautiful, I like the down to earth tone, and get ideas for our property since her property is so gorgeous. Go Martha: http://www.themarthablog.com/

2. Pioneer Woman. Serious blog with so much to it, all fun. So much to see, explore, fun, great blog: http://thepioneerwoman.com/

3. Wow, just found this one. really nice, and inspirational. Also makes me think I really need a new camera, and more time to read: http://blog.bedlamfarm.com/index.cfm/live-your-life

Please horsey friends, don't be upset I did not "ghost" you. These are blogs that remind me of all the great things we can share with each other, big, small and fabulous things, all different people. mushy.

Here's my ghost story...

The house we live in is super old, built in 1738. There is a good bit of land (for CT) with it, and we never know what we will come across.

Old bottles:

And, something else?...

Mr. Java's mom and I got most of the work done on the property ourselves with the John Deere 2305 and Gator TS. The top field had some (uh, a lot) trees that needed to come down. One was a large oak (no, not a spectacular oak, but a big, ugly un interesting oak leaning over the wrong way waiting to crush me someday), that before Mr. Java's mom perfected his chainsaw skills fell a little askew and got hung up on a cedar. This was this summer pre-blog so I don't have any pics. Well... I get some rope, and we rig the tree to the tractor (funny) and Mr. Java's mom starts directing me. "go that way, keep going, keep going, keep going" (this is to drag the oak off the cedar). I'm screaming "the tractor is sinking!!!". Finally he stops barking orders and looks at me and the beloved 2305 half up in the air, still attached to the tree (huge oak), and one wheel mysteriously sunken down a couple of feet into a rectangular hole. We got the tractor out no problem (used the front end loader to push it up and put it in 4 wheel and got it out of the hole.).

Then, I remember, there is an odd piece of cut granite that marks that spot for some reason... I now call it the BABY GRAVE. Yikes. Heck, with the house built in 1738, there could be someone buried here...somewhere. We filled the dent we left in the mysteriously soft rectangular patch of land with wood chips so Java would not fall in. Left the marker though... just in case.

And, the funky looking outbuilding in the below photo (just past Mackie) that I don't mention and try to leave out of all photos, I call it the Blair Witch Shed. I think it's an old chicken coop. The whole house and property have wonderful, good vibes, but I DO NOT like the Blair Witch Shed. It's creepy, and something seems to die in it frequently, yuck (how do I know some something had died in there some of you might ask, and yes, the answer is gross: because all of the sudden, when I have to go fetch a shovel or rake, it smells super rank and there are big black flies all in there!!!! EEEWWWWW).


the7msn said...

Ewwww...baby graves and an evil shed. I knew there'd be some good stories associated with your place. Thanks for playing along. And I am totally honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Martha, PW, and Bedlam Farm.

Java's Mom said...

I figured I'd really go for the unsensored version of yuck! I think my husband was horrified, but I got a little laugh out of my mom for being so frank about the icky shed.