Friday, October 10, 2008


We have 3 stalls in the barn. One is currently empty until I find the right addition. Each stall is 12x12 with two opening windows. The stall flooring is about 6 inches of 3/4 inch gravel, and about 5 inches of stone dust. This is then covered with rubber mats. This is pretty standard for new barns. Creme's stall is bedded with pine shavings. Java's stall is bedded with pine pellets. They come out of the bag like wood pellets, but are special bedding pellets. You wet the pellets and let them expand and it creates a nice layer for her bedding. It is not as good looking as the shavings, but is super easy to muck, wonderfully absorbent and makes a dense, soft bed for her. Java is taking some time to settle in, and the pellets work well so she can trash her stall and it does not create more work and cost more $ for me.

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